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    Decent Chinese

    Can anyone recommend a decent Chinese takeway that delivers to CFS. Been really disappointed lately with quality of chinese I've ordered... mainly from the flyers that we get in our letterboxes. So looking for a decent one if anyone got any good suggestions?
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    There is a Free alternative for TV coming pretty soon. Saorview is a new free to air digital broadcast. Currently can only get the irish channels on it but more channels are being added in May. If they even put half of the channels that is on Freeview in the UK we...
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    John's Butchers gone?

    Johns Butchers seems to have closed down. The guy in spanish property place next door said so anyway. He must not have been getting enough of business. Its a real shame, I got all my meat there, and he was fantastic value at least 20% cheaper than anywhere else. Seems strange as was in...
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    Treasury signs contract to build social housing at Spencer Dock

    Article in Irish times... block of 112 social housing units to be built in spencer dock...