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    Castleforbes House

    Looks like 3 new bridges are proposed. 2 across the liffey and one across the dodder. Search for word "bridge" in this doc Extract below...
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    Storage heater/ESB Timers (Block E)

    Hi Weigh We are in block E and have a similar problem. So please let me know if you find out anymore info.
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    Night storage heating

    Keedo, yes we definitely have the same problem. I'll contact the ESB about also... as you say as its been wrong for over a year we might get a refund... which would be nice. Even if we don't would be great to get the problem sorted out... its a real pain
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    Night storage heating

    me too I'm in Block E and having the same problem. The night time switch for the storage heater kicks in at random times, sometimes its during the night...sometimes its during the day. But it never kicks in when its suppose to... There are +/-2 hours timers on the switch on the fusebox...
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    Storage heaters. Hazard ?

    In fairness Kaiser you could of had a chat with him on the phone, or at least met him at the entrance to your apartment block, and still keep your name/apt-no private. From his point of view, if you can't make it to the meeting to voice your concerns and your not willing to talk to him in...
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    Parking space to rent - can any block E residents help?

    I can send them to you tomorrow.
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    Car Space for Rent immediately - Block A/B/C/D Castleforbes Square

    There are a few posts up on notice boards and in underground carpark in Block E, with requests for a parking space... Have you seen them? worth getting in touch with them.
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    Bikes stolen from bike room Block H Sept 2011, do we have cctv?

    Bikes get stolen quite regularly from CFS, have been alot of posts on this forum, about it over the years. You should check to see if your home insurance covers bikes in underground car park. I had my bike stolen from under block E a couple of years ago. My then insurer didnt cover it, but...
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    Anglo Headquarters Building - what next ?

    It would be Fantastic if that whole site was turned into a park for the docklands. A park that is badly needed too, when you think of the amount of people that live in the area. Is there anything we can do to give support to the plan?
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    Dumping Rubbish off their balcony

    Unbelievable... Can I also add can people stop throwing cigarette butts out the window, its disgusting, sitting watching them fly past my window.
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    Decent Chinese

    Thanks guys will try it out.
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    Apartments for sale in Castleforbes Square

    That 3 bed was a bargain! In Irish times says that CFS 2 bed went for €195 (50k above reserve)
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    Decent Chinese

    Can anyone recommend a decent Chinese takeway that delivers to CFS. Been really disappointed lately with quality of chinese I've ordered... mainly from the flyers that we get in our letterboxes. So looking for a decent one if anyone got any good suggestions?
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    Water Pump Failures

    Water pump fixing Finally had enough of dodgy water pump and got Eamonn Kenny into fix it. He had to replace the pcb board & capacitor. Just to let you know cost breakdown. call out charge - 95euro new PCB - 47euro new capacitor - 25euro +13.5% VAT Worth it to have a pump...
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    I haven't got one of the new Freeview-HD boxes yet. But I'm pretty sure it will work in Castleforbes with rabbit ears. My TV has a built in digital receiver that only supports MPEG2 (Saorview is MPEG4)... however with Rabbit ears my TV can detect that all the the channels are there (I just...
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    There is a Free alternative for TV coming pretty soon. Saorview is a new free to air digital broadcast. Currently can only get the irish channels on it but more channels are being added in May. If they even put half of the channels that is on Freeview in the UK we...
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    John's Butchers gone?

    Johns Butchers seems to have closed down. The guy in spanish property place next door said so anyway. He must not have been getting enough of business. Its a real shame, I got all my meat there, and he was fantastic value at least 20% cheaper than anywhere else. Seems strange as was in...
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    Fire Alarm in Block E

    Fire alarm going off today again Block E fire alarm going off today again. 11:45am on a Tuesday morning... somehow I don't think it was set off maliciously. Its a dodgy alarm system that nobody pays any attention to any more... its a joke. I hate to think what will happen if we ever do get...
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    Fire Alarm in Block E

    Fire alarm - a joke The fire alarm has gone off so many times over the last 4 years, for no reason, nobody takes it seriously anymore. Everyone just ignores it or just presses the silence button in the lobby. This a serious problem... the fire alarm should only go off it there is fire...
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    Treasury signs contract to build social housing at Spencer Dock

    Article in Irish times... block of 112 social housing units to be built in spencer dock...