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    Management Fees -- Money for Nothing!!!

    Maintenance cheques payable to builder!!! :mad: Can anyone tell me why the maintenance cheque requests are made payable to Kimpton Vale Ltd... Why would the builder be getting the maintenance cheques?
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    Blinds for Groundfoor apartment Windmill Court

    I found clonsilla blinds very reasonable.
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    Management Fees -- Money for Nothing!!!

    My apologies for not making it to the meeting, was abroad. I hope it was successful. If it was can someone post an update.
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    Management Fees -- Money for Nothing!!!

    Hi, To be honest, thats what was highlighted by the tenants to the management company at the AGM. The builder diod not turn up and doesnt havce to even though he is the director of the estate management company. The builder left the tenants with a 40k bill for year one and set up an over...
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    Residence Committee and 1st AGM

    Folks, October 31st is Halloween. I dont believe that is a good day to have the AGM. Firstly some have kids who will be having their day and secondly it would be impossible to get a babysitter that day. On the off chance, others may wish to celebrate that day too ;) Perhaps Ronan should...
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    Residence Committee to be Set Up

    ClonsillaGal.... Have you got that right??? Committe or Committee ;) Wed 26th sounds good.
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    Setting Up Residence Committee

    I am up for it.