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    Attic Conversion

    Hi, just wondering if anyone has converted their attic in a duplex?
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    Travellers Camp

    Deleted Post Thread Deleted
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    Beware of Parking

    I purchased my 3 bedroom property in 2008. I have always had 2 tenants renting my spare rooms to help with the mortgage. My current tenants have lived here both almost 3 years. The management company have now refused to issue me the 3 parking permits that I require and I have had to ask one of...
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    Leaking roof, report to management company?

    Hi All, My sitting room has similar to a bay window. There is a leak visible on the ceiling in the sitting room which has to be coming from through the roof slates. Anyone any idea if this is something to be reported to management company for repair or is it up to me to get fixed? Thanks in...
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    Recommend a Seamstress in Hampton Wood Area

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone can recommend a seamstress in the area? Just looking to get a couple of dresses taken in. Thanks.
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    Hurricane Tomas

    Wide awake (see earlier thread) As Im typing this no sign of any hurricane whatsoever, no rain and from stepping out on the balcony just little wind although v.v.v cold! Wassssup??? Hurricane or NO hurricane?
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    Help! Smoke alarm beeping, triping not to rip if off ceiling

    Got home a this evening to my smoke alarm beeping about every 30secs..too late to do anything about it on a Sun eve. Now cant get to sleep....:(:(:( From googleing it it seems I need to replace the battery, even though its wired into the ceiling. Eh, don't mean to alarm anyone but from the...
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    The water is back on!

    Waters back on!!!!
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    Considering renting a room

    Hi, Im thinking about renting a room out probably on Just wondering if anyone else in the estate has tried this there much interest from people to rent in Hampton Wood? Did people find interest from professionals or students?? Any tips or info appreciated.
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    Another Car torched on HW Dive

    On Monday night another car was torched, it was parked on HW Drive, ironically I would have only passed it bout an hour before it was blazed on the way down to the Centra, didnt notice anything unusual. Was wondering if any1 had any idea of the circumstances...was it random...or yet another...
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    Dodgy plastering????

    Hi all, Ive noticed over the last week or so, 3 holes/marks??.. in my kitchen ceiling and also 2 on the lower landing (duplex) For want of a better description they look like digs in the plaster from the handle of a sweeping brush.....?? (smallish circular indentations) I did notice 1...