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    Attic Conversion

    Hi, just wondering if anyone has converted their attic in a duplex?
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    Travellers Camp

    Deleted Post Thread Deleted
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    Beware of Parking

    On purchasing my property, I was indeed designated 1 parking space, however, I did not enter an agreement restricting that I would only be permitted to the 'right' to only 1 other car in my household. The introduction of the services of NCCPS is presumably in cooperation with the management...
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    Beware of Parking

    I purchased my 3 bedroom property in 2008. I have always had 2 tenants renting my spare rooms to help with the mortgage. My current tenants have lived here both almost 3 years. The management company have now refused to issue me the 3 parking permits that I require and I have had to ask one of...
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    Getting Pressure back into a Baxi Boiler

    Hi, not sure if its the same thing but I was away a couple of days last week and when I got back I had little to almost no pressure in hot water taps, cold was work ok. The water tank was still full and everything seemed ok. Turned out the fuse was gone in the pump, its only a 13amp fuse so was...
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    Leaking roof, report to management company?

    Hi All, My sitting room has similar to a bay window. There is a leak visible on the ceiling in the sitting room which has to be coming from through the roof slates. Anyone any idea if this is something to be reported to management company for repair or is it up to me to get fixed? Thanks in...
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    Dog Attack

    OMG!!! Was it an allover black doberman..?? I got home a few weeks ago at about 7pm, going up the steps to my place (duplex), fishing my keys out, a black doberman was laid across the mat at my front door. Didnt see it until I was almost on it between fishing my keys out and I didnt have my...
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    Recommend a Seamstress in Hampton Wood Area

    Thanks for reply Newpad, Someone else had recommended same place opposite Iceland to me (before you had posted) although, have to say they did a good job, not overly nice to deal with!!:rolleyes:was way overcharged!! €30 to take a dress in. (Love the dress but a €40 sale dress has now cost me...
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    Recommend a Seamstress in Hampton Wood Area

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone can recommend a seamstress in the area? Just looking to get a couple of dresses taken in. Thanks.
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    Meteor indoor coverage Hampton Wood Road

    Ive been with meteor for well before I moved into the estate, never have a problem at all.. P.s I most defo do not work for meteor!!
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    Who owns the garden?

    It doesn't make much sense that your solicitor doesn't have a record.Surely they are legally obliged to keep records for at least X number of years which I would have thought would be much longer than 4. There is a bit of a gardenish/planted bit of land at the front of my place but also runs...
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    Who owns the garden?

    Same issue must have arisen a couple of doors down from me. I can see into 'their' garden from my upstairs. One party or both agreed, duno which??? Put a fence up dividing the garden down the middle....
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    outside wall paint

    This is definitely a gripe of mine. Place is really starting to look shabby. Have thought about getting my place done myself but then it would stick out like a sore thumb so thats been putting me off.
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    Rescheduled Residents Meeting - Wed 12th Jan 7.30 (Upstairs Deputy Mayor)

    I was away for the last 3 weeks. Proper catchup reading up on the posts... More fool me, no water when I left on my hols, defo assumed would be back when I got home but nope, no chance of getting the washing machine on this eve!:( I dread going to the bins tomorrow!! Delighted to see...
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    bins again

    A couple of weeks ago when the bin situation last happened I reported it to DCC as health hazard. The gentleman I spoke to seemed to take the issue quite seriously and assured me it would be investigated and logged a report. The way things turned out the bins were collected the following day...
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    Water Off

    Conor, The switch for the pump is immediately under the immersion switch. It looks more or less like a light switch. Mine is to the left of some piping under the immersion. Ive een trying it in vain the last few days... P.S EVC for Taoiseach!!!;);) I am 100% in support of whatever needs...
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    Street Lights

    Yip, 2 very brief power cuts in the last 10mins!!
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    Water Off

    Im in a duplex and have found that resetting the pump has done the trick for my place this year and last Jan, no issues with airlocking. New one though, power just cut out a couple of mins ago, only for a couple of seconds but had to laugh (or cry!!) Hope no one gets caught out with their...
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    Water Off

    I had full pressure in the cold tap in the kitchen and little or nothing anywhere else. I remember last year reading on this forum to flick the switch under the immersion switch on and off. Worked for me last year and so far it seems to be working. Full pressure in all taps. Credit to...
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    bins again

    Emptied up my way too. Just off the phone with DCC retracting complaint. Dermot - dya mind me asking what issues exactly you raised with Joe and Frank?