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    :p Where are ya?
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    Pheonix Park Tunnel Services starting 21st Nov

    This is great news... direct trains to city center from Adamstown starting next week.. at last!
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    Sky Communal Dish

    Presume others got an email from ODPM about this? "As Managing Agents for Adamstown Castle we write to advise owners that the communal Sky Dish has now been installed in Adamstown Castle. We wish to remind all residents of the following House Rules as extracted from Title for your development...
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    Plumber Recommendation

    Hi, Would like to hear from anyone who has used a plumber in the area that they could recommend. Thanks -Tommy
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    Traffic on Newcastle Road Lately

    W.T.F.!??!? Is all I can really say!
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    Post Box Security - Stolen Post

    Hi, Just wanted to alert people to the fact that there appears to have been some post taken (on at least 3 occasions) from our external post box. Obviously, this concerns people living in shared access buildings (ie Apartments) with postboxes installed outside the entrance to the buildings...
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    House Alarm

    1am in the morning and we are now well into hour 6 of the blaring alarm siren coming from a house in Castlegate grange. I actually live around the corner and some distance away so god help the people who live beside it.. But in any case, I actually don't blame the owners/occupiers of this house...
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    2900 space carpark to be built in Adamstown

    yikes! Planning application lodged by Castlethorn for a 2900 space carpark.. for Intel construction workers...
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    Why was the tree between castlegate row and Adamstown Ave chopped

    Anyone have any idea? This was a very impressive old tree and now its been reduced to only a bit more than a stump! If it was getting so big that it was encroaching on houses, surely it didn't need to be so severely cut down?
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    Kitchen Company? (Adamstown Castle)

    Hi. Does anyone know who are (were?) the company that fitted the Kitchens in Adamstown Castle? Need some repairs done on mine. Probably need a replacement drawer but I have no idea where to get it as I cannot remember the name of the company. Thanks
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    Has anyone else given up on Londis?

    I just don't bother going there any more. Too many products past their use by date... constantly, Stupid little tricks they play.. like not putting the price on the shelf, or putting the price of a different product below a product which ends up more expensive when you get to the till, having...
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    Roadworks - Adamstown Ave

    Does anyone know if the roadworks on Adamstown Ave/Castlegate chase just been abandoned until after Christmas? It seems like they have... which is really just great!! Top job lads.. well done.. etc... Clearly, putting tiles on the pedestrian crossing to replace the perfectly adequate tarmac...
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    Traffic Lights at Londis... stuck.. AGAIN!

    As per subject line! its the now monthly episode of the lights being stuck... contractors being called out to fix... and no doubt, charging a small fortune for the call out... I should point out that at the time of this post, they may have since been fixed so don't run them!. :)
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    Airtricity Boiler Service

    Did anyone who switched over to Airtricity recently get a call about a boiler service? When signing up, there was an offer of a discount on a boiler service from what I remember. I also vaguely remember that the airtricity rep told me I had to schedule the service at that time but it would be ok...
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    Catherine Brown - Mis-delivered mail

    If there is anyone on this forum called catherine brown or if anybody knows her, please PM me as a letter was delivered to my address for that name. Same road but my house number was on the envelope.
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    Tyre Repair/Replacement near Adamstown

    Can anyone recommend a good tyre center somewhere near Adamstown? Preferebly one that does balancing and tracking. I bought 2 new back tyres one month and a half ago for €110 each (Continentals) and already they are going bald!. There is something seriously wrong with my car whatever is...
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    Change in Superquin Fastlane

    Today, when using the fastlane in Superquin, I thought it had given me too much change. Strange, I thought, but hey - if superquin want to give me a handout, no problem. Then I looked at my reciept when I got home and realised the person who was through before me must have left it there! So...
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    Balcony Screens

    On some of the balconies in Adamstown Casle, where the balcony rail is glass, I have seen that some people have lined the inside with a kind of straw screen. If any one here has one, where did you get it? Thanks
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    New cafe beside londis

    Does anyone know when exactly the new cafe is opening? Looks like it could be any day. I hope they do well.
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    Fibre to the home

    I heard from a colleague at work that Chorus NTL are soon going to be offering fibre to the home services in "certain areas" which contain the necesscary infrastructure. Does anyone know if the FTTH infrastructure in Adamstown is actually owned by magnet (did they put it in there themselves?)...