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    Water Pressure

    Yes I have noticed that too (also apartment) sometimes its very bad. Usually you get a notice of some kind when this is going to happen.
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    :p Where are ya?
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    Pheonix Park Tunnel Services starting 21st Nov

    This is great news... direct trains to city center from Adamstown starting next week.. at last!
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    Sky Communal Dish

    Thanks LeesaBee - Also contacted sky today and was told the same.
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    Sky Communal Dish

    Presume others got an email from ODPM about this? "As Managing Agents for Adamstown Castle we write to advise owners that the communal Sky Dish has now been installed in Adamstown Castle. We wish to remind all residents of the following House Rules as extracted from Title for your development...
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    UPC vs Magnet - Please compare and rate their services in Adamstown Castle ...

    Im happy with what im getting. Im not happy with UPC lying about their service. Dont think it was moaning, just answering the quesiton. Magnet is superior and i outlined exactly why. There is nothing wrong with my router.
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    UPC vs Magnet - Please compare and rate their services in Adamstown Castle ...

    cant answer your question fully but what I can tell you is that the service offered by Magnet is far superior (even if more expensive) than that supplied by UPC. This is becuase Magent use "Fibre to the home". Meaning they actually installed fiber optic cable right into every house and apartment...
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    Black Cat

    This is the best post ive ever seen on the adamstown forum. ;)
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    Adamstown Castle Private Section

    Absolutely nothing happening in the private section for a long time I think.
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    Plumber Recommendation

    Hi, Would like to hear from anyone who has used a plumber in the area that they could recommend. Thanks -Tommy
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    Finnstown side entrance closing permanently - for the wrong reasons.

    And now its got a chain lock on again.. When I arrived at the gate today I could quickly guess why. there was grey paint spilled all over the tree by the gate with drip trails (and bike trails of same grey paint) coming in from the Adamstown side.
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    Traffic on Newcastle Road Lately

    W.T.F.!??!? Is all I can really say!
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    Adamstown Castle - Proposed Service Charges for 2014/2015

    Decision was made to reduce the contribution to the sinking fund. That's great news in that it resulted in a reduced annual service charge. However, its only kicking the can down the road. Some time in the future, major maintenance work will be required and I cant help thinking we will end up...
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    Adamstown Castle - Proposed Service Charges for 2014/2015

    Hi Jmdarm, Regarding AGM dates. The AGM has already been on. Home owners were notified by post (for Adamstown Castle anyway). If you are in Adamstown Castle and did not get notified by post about the AGM, I would contact O'Dwyer Property management immediately and make sure they have your...
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    Adamstown Castle - Proposed Service Charges for 2014/2015

    Hi Tony, I agree the hike was a bit of a shock but.. the management company or agents have nothing to do with either the playground or the link road. That's South Dublin Co Council. I dont know which specific part of the budget has resulted in the big increase but I suspect its the sinking...
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    Refuse Problems

    There is only 2 of us and our recycle bin (green) is always full a week before the next pickup so I can imagine.
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    Post Box Security - Stolen Post

    Well turns out one of my missing post items was not sent, a second one arrived late, so that's 2 out of 4 missing which are now accounted for. So feel a bit better! Thanks for your input RISA
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    water pump cost! - -plumber quoted 980 Euros

    Hi Summers, There was something wrong with my pump but it got repaired instead of replaced and it was only 150 for the repair. Here's the company that did the repairs Definitely check this out before getting a replacement pump!.
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    Post Box Security - Stolen Post

    Thanks RISA, will probably have to put my own one up there somehow. Its very annoying when you cant get post. One of the first items that did not arrive (though the thought of it being stolen had not occurred to us at the time) was a voucher for 150 which we couldn't cancel or recover. Big...
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    Post Box Security - Stolen Post

    Hi, Just wanted to alert people to the fact that there appears to have been some post taken (on at least 3 occasions) from our external post box. Obviously, this concerns people living in shared access buildings (ie Apartments) with postboxes installed outside the entrance to the buildings...