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    Pump airlocking

    Hi, I have a constant problem with my pump in the hot press always air locking.....sometimes a good swift kick gets rid of it. Anyone have any problems with the pumps in the apartments? Any tips on getting rid of the airlocks?
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    Anyone for a pint

    I'm just wondering it would be nice to get to know some people around the neighborhood. To often you move in to an area and don't get to know your neighbors like the old days. Everyone is too busy. So anyone want to go for a friendly pint in the closet local pub sometime?
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    Can you safetly turn off the water pump

    Hi Guys, I'm just newly moved in to aikens village(well moving in) Hi all. I'm just wondering about the water pump, it seems to come on and off itself at different times, say for a few seconds at times when I'm not actually using the water. Is it okay to turn off the water pump...