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  1. Househunter123

    Clean Up

    Hi All, Some of the residents have kindly volunteered to do a clean up of the estate on Saturday morning. If you would like to help out please meet at the car park of Cocoon Creche at 10am. If you have a lawnmower, garden shears, gloves, plastic bags or a helping pair of hands we would...
  2. Househunter123

    Drain Update

    Just a very quick update. We have had a drains company out on side today to flush the drains were the current blockage is. The have identified the cause - it comes down to : baby wipes, make up wipes, make up pads and medicine spoons. The guy doing it showed my the shore where the blockage...
  3. Househunter123

    AGM - Paddocks - tonight 7pm

    AGM - Paddocks - tonight 7pm Budget approval will take place
  4. Househunter123

    Assistance requested to help lower management fee's in Phibblestown Wood

    Hi All, As you may be aware we are coming close to the end of the year and due to get our new fee's from KPM for 2012. We are reaching out to everyone today to assist in helping to lower the fees and hopefully do away with them all together. We have a new property manager whom we are...
  5. Househunter123

    Communiaal Bins

    Hi, Just wondering what everyone thinks of the new communal bin idea? I think its great, house owners will make a significant saving, as well as the estate looking much cleaner. The last green bin day there was bins, bags, rubbish and boxes blowing everywhere. Anyway let me know what...
  6. Househunter123

    Stolen lawnmower

    Our gardeners lawnmower was stolen between half four and 6pm on Friday evening. The jeep tyres were slashed and when he left to get some assistance the mower was stolen Anyone with any information please contact me keenan managment.
  7. Househunter123

    Tax back for bin charges

    hey, not sure if you have done this already but you can claim tax back for your weekly bin charges - works out around €40pa HH123
  8. Househunter123


    Fingal County Council's principal water reservoir at Ballycoolen and all other reservoirs in the county are at critically low levels. Across the region, all Councils are continuing to produce water on a 24 hour basis but water supplies throughout are at critical levels because of increased...
  9. Househunter123

    smell coming from their water?

    Has anyone had trouble with a smell coming from their water? Our management company just mailed to ask, I hadn't noticed myself
  10. Househunter123

    Residents Committee

    Hi guys, Phibblestown Wood have an active residents committee, we are always looking for new members. If you would like to participate, join or attend meetings please email Thanks HH123
  11. Househunter123


    Hi all, I was speaking to Niall today, we will behaving our AGM with KPM (Keenan Property Management) within the next three weeks, a venue and exact dates where not decided when I spoke with him. Invites will be sent to the 98 houses in Phibbblestown in the coming days. He asked me was...
  12. Househunter123

    Phibblestown Wood Street Party 2009

    Phibblestown Wood Residents Committee would like to invite all neighbours to attend our street party. The event will take place on Saturday 25th of July from 2pm-6m. We still need more volunteers and donations to make this day as successful as last year. All children will need to be...
  13. Househunter123

    Last Nights Fire

    Hi All, As you maybe aware there was a fire in Phibblestown Wood last night. An kitchen extractor fan was the cause and thankfully nobody was hurt. The fire warder said the cause was due to the extractor fan being incorrectly wired. He recommended we ALL have them checked. The number...
  14. Househunter123

    House Insurance

    Hey just a quick question - how much does it cost to rebuild a 3 bed in Phibblestown Wood? It was a question my house insurance asked. I thought it was €350K (ie the value) but was told last night it should be less - just wondering what you guys said? Thanks
  15. Househunter123

    Car Alarms

    Just a quick note, if you have a car alarm the reason I assume you have it is to prevent burglars??? Yes? So if it goes off in the middle of the night / early morning you would get up and check your car is safe - oh and TURN OFF the alarm? For the last few mornings and this morning in...
  16. Househunter123

    Merry Christmas

    On behalf of Phibblestown Wood Residents Committee we would like to wish all our neighbours a very Merry Christmas in their new homes and a Happy New Year. :)
  17. Househunter123

    Leaking extractor fan

    Hey guys, If any of you are having issues with water leaking down through your extractor fan (paticularly in houses) in your ensuite bathroom call the builders on the number below. There are currently some plumbers on site that have been hired for this issue. Pierce 01 820 5811 Rgds...
  18. Househunter123

    Phibblestown Wood Christmas Party

    Phibblestown Wood Residents Committee would like to invite all neighbours to attend our Christmas Party. The event will take place on Saturday 13th of December at the Ardmore Hotel, Tolka Valley, Dublin 11. Tickets will cost €40 per person. The night includes: Champagne on arrival, a 4 Course...
  19. Househunter123

    Outstanding Issues with the builders

    Hi Guys, I have been onto KPM reguarding the oustanding issues some residents are having with the builders (formally Liberty Homes now Pierse Construction). If anyone has any issues they would like to raise please email them on to Grainne in KPM. Please PM me for her email addy HH123 :)
  20. Househunter123


    Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone knows what happened to our signs? The enterance sign and some of the number signs in the estate have disappeared HH123