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    Clamping being introduced in Beech Park in April 2013

    I was extremely irate to receive this notification from the managagement company. From what I can see parking is not really an issue in our estate so how dare they introduce clamping in order to force residents pay their management fees. Having these clampers constantly patrolling our...
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    Bus transport

    With regard to the flyer dropped in on behalf of Aine Brady yesterday, it would be a welcome addition to get a bus and possibly nitelink running outside our estate. I hope that people will express an interest in this and that something comes to fruition
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    Negative Equity

    That really is some drop! Almost 100k on what I paid. Durkans must be desperate to sell as I actually think those prices are cheaper than the average around the Leixlip area.
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    As far as I know it's very difficult to enforce illegal parking in a private housing estate. So I would imagine that parking on the side of the street is only going to get worse as more folks move in.
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    I do think that the parking situation will put people off buying in Beech Park though. It's much more obvious now than at the initial launch that there's going to be overcrowding. Most households now have two cars on average and it's not too much to expect that you can park these cars outside...
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    What is the policy on parking in our estate? My understanding is that there are 1.5 spaces per house. Where I'm located the layout is divided 3 spaces for every two houses. However one house with 3 cars is now parking in 3 spaces. The result of this is that my house and my next door neighbour...
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    Beware folks, there are mice on the prowl. Spotted one in my kitchen this morning...hope the trap I'm going to set does the trick!
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    Refuse collection

    Thanks for reply Craig
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    Site layout etc

    Any idea as to when the retail units are due to be up and running? I presume we're looking at a Spar/Centra type operation would that be right?
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    In House Audio

    I don't know if the sound proofing in this development was designed to support these type of audio systems. Has anyone else noticed how audible noise for their next door neighbours is? I constantly can hear doors closing and voices. It's quite dissapointing as I was under the impression that...
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    Site layout etc

    I purchased in the first phase of this development in July'06. I have to say after viewing Durkan's revised development plans I feel quite cheated. These plans for the next phase of the development look significantly different from the exterior and have a substantially larger square footage...
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    Refuse collection

    Hi, How does the refuse collection work in our estate? I haven't received any bins yet. Do I have to contact Kildare Co Co?