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    Wedding He will be married soon. If you see him wish him the best :)
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    Lost mobile phone REWARD!!!

    I know this is a long shot but :) I have lost Blackberry phone which as you may know is more losing the numbers more then losing you phone. I would be happy to give E30 to finder of phone. If your online you can contact me here :) regards Gary
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    Any free space know ??

    I was think about how many spaces are never used in the car park. Girl friend thinking about get a car. Does anyone know for a space number thats always free. Also would be nice to know for visitors now & then :) Regards Gar :)
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    UPC 10mb with TV E50 a month :) Changed to UPC from Smart fast very fast :):)
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    Bad Smell at the Maltings

    I got on to them & it was 3 water treatment tanks. They have put new one in & we should not smell it again. Enjoy the smell of Guninness. :)
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    Depends what your looking for etc. Tesco's in Jervis or at top of Manor st. Also have a new place in Smithfield but is expencive. Lidl is just on thomas street but best is the local shops for fruit & veg. A few good butchers too around there. happy shopping :)
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    Smart at 4mgb per sec Great :) I pay only E45 a month & its very fast when needed with not limit to downloading :) I use it for online TV etc. great. :)
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    Bad Smell at the Maltings

    Do you have a name or phone number for these people as the smell is getting worst lately. Many Thanks