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    How safe is your wireless Broadband?

    It has come to my attention within this development that a friend of mine is using/stealing another neighbours wireless broadband that is not password protected. I'm am awear my friend has his own broadband, but his own wireless router is working on and off and he is too lazy to call the...
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    Simons Ridge Gardening Group

    Hi all Any one that knows me, knows how my interest in gardening is my work and hobby. I want to know if any one else in the development of Simons Ridge is also interested and we can form a group and do some gardening together. You can either contact me directly or leave a post here on...
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    Grow your own

    Hi all To the residences who turned up to the directors questions and answers meeting on monday night, noticed I had piggy backed this meeting to high light a cause very close to my heart and to get a community initative off the ground and I hope it will be one of many. As many of you...
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    Illegal Dumping in the bin sheds

    I see a matteress and two two seater leather couches have been dumped in the bin shed between Rockview and Sandyford View. It now up to the caretaker to dispose of these items at our expense. As a concerned resident I do not want to be footing the bill to some else's illegal dumping habits.
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    Pest Control

    Has any noticed a slight increase of mice and small rodents in the complex? In the space of a week my cats have brought home two dead field mice in the space of a week. Has any one else who has cats has the same dilema?
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    Lost and Found

    Sometime over the weekend a bicycle was dumped or left on the oppsite of my railing. It wasn't till this morning that I moved it and rested up by the railings by my patio. Looks like a town bike, I think it says Parkland and has a punture on the front wheel. If no one claims it, may I keep it?
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    I want to know how many residents here in the Simon's Ridge Development would be interested to share the cost of running an allotment? As an individual I have approached KPM to ask permission to start an allotment on the patch on the other side of my railling and have been refused. But if I...
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    Litter Picking

    As the 9th May is slowly approaching and as in the newsletter is the day we pick the litter up around our development, I can't seem to find the old thread on about this to date. I know it is an excerise to get to know other people in the Community, but why don't we carry on to the evening and...
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    I pursume everyone got the flyer regarding allotments in beech hill to rent and grow their own veg or bedding plants? As a gardener by profession I'd like to take an allotment but share the costs on that site. But if I were to come up with a purposal that we as home owners or tenants to...
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    I need your help

    To all members of rockview thread I need your help? My spare room is now vacant and I need to to get it occupied, if any one who reads this and knows some one in there work place that is looking for accommodation please send them my way. PM me and I'll pass on my private details to you to...
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    Common Areas

    For the past couple of days when I enter my block there is a strong smell of tabbacoo that has been smoked in the common area such as the lobby and stairs and landings. I was under the impression that these areas where non-smoking areas, can any one clarify this?
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    Notice/Message Boards

    I noticed today when I got in from work Ray was advertising to help us to save money on ESB/Gais bills. I noticed it the last newsletter it clearly states that the notice boards are for the use of the management Co. and the Resident committee and not for the use for people to advertise their...
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    NTL/Chours/UPC Telephone

    Hi all Just wondering if any one in the development has got the telephone service from NTL?
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    Grow your own Spuds

    You all probably think I've gone bonkers, but I have had two successful years of growing Roosters and King Earls patatoes varities while their had been a Blight epidemic in my first year. The only reason I had a crop of rooster in my first year is we all live to high up for the fly that causes...
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    Urgent Attention 06/02/2009

    I hope someone or more than one gets to read this message before they leave work for home. As you all know it has been snowing for the last 4 hours and 4 to 5 inches of snow is on the ground. The roads are just about passable, but I recommend to leave your car at work before you set off home. If...
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    Has any one seen the Security Van lately at weekends, it was brought to my attention by a fellow neighbour about a month ago, and he recall that he has not seen it for at least six week before mentioned it to me. So question to resident committee has this service being curtailed to save money...
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    Christmas trees part 2

    There is a thread some where on this site regarding this topic, but I'm too lazy to find it. Happy New Year to every one, and soon it will be time for everyone to dismantle their christmas trees and put away the decorations for another year. Well their is a point I'm reminding every one about...
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    Commerical Vans

    Has any one read the notice that KPM have posted on the notice boards in each block regarding commerical vans? I'm not happy with this notice and have been on to Adrian regarding this matter. I also have done some research regarding this matter, that this will not only affect van drivers...
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    Parking crisis regarding Block Z

    As every one is aware Block Z is vacant, but not for long. I have received some information, but may not be reliable that block Z got the go ahead regarding planning permission. And I have seen some work being carried out on some of the apartments and those using the spare spaces outside that...
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    Plants for sale

    Does any one here want to brighten up their patio/balcony area? I have a few plants on my patio area that would like to see a new home, if any one is interest PM me and I'd get back to you and do a deal.