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    Anti Social-Behaviour in Dun Saithne?

    Hi All Dun Saithne Residents, I live in Dun Saithne Crescent.I would like everybody to send a mail to regarding anti-social behaviour that you have witnessed in our estate. Will then contact from estate managment in Fingal County Council.We...
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    Bulb Planting

    Dear ResidentS There will be a bulb planting day on the 16th of October starting at 9am.Please come out and support us.Please contact
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    Dun Saithne Xmas Party

    Dun Saithne Residents Association Are hosting A Cultural/Festive:D Evening in the Hamlet Bar on Dec 15th at 7.30pm You are invited along—please bring Some food from your own country or Culture if you like You can let the committee know if you Are...
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    Dun Saithne Estate

    Cultural Night Dun Saithne Residents Association Are hosting A Cultural Evening in the Hamlet Bar on Dec 15th at 7.30pm You are invited along—please bring Some food from your own country or Culture if you like You can let the committee know if you...
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    Sports clubs

    Hi Don welcome to Dun Saithne.I know there is a lot of sailing clubs in Skerries i am not sure about Balbriggan.The golf club in balbriggan is about 8000 euro to join and it a nice course, i play there myself.We have a very active Residents Assoc if you would like to contact us at anytime please...
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    Dun Saithne Estate

    Hi all neighbours,I would like to thank the neighbours and children who helped out with the bulb planting on the Crescent last November as you can all see the bulbs are blooming.We would also like to thank Thomas Bruce and Aidan for all the hard work in putting topsoil and grass seed on all the...
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    Dun Saithne

    I am the chairperson of dun saithne residents assocation.I recently meet with the balbriggan drug task force and they want to setup a meeting with newhaven and mount rochford and dun saithne to stamping out drugs in our area or any other issues you would have.The gardai from balbriggan will...
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    Green Bins

    Oxgen Environmental have lost the contract to pick up our green bins.The new company Greyhound recyling will now pick up green bins on 14/1/09
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    Cracks in houses

    Cracks You could contact fingalcoco or there would some sort of warranty on your home.
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    Bulb Planting Day

    Fingal County Council are having a bulb planting day for the kids of dun saithne on the 11th of october from 11 am depending on weather.Everybody will meet on the green on dun saithne crescent .See you all there.:p
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    Verge Cutting

    The Committee would like to Thank Bruce for Cutting all the grass verges on the road.The place looks clean and tidy when you drive into the Estate.If anyone would like to help in cutting of the verges Please contact the committee on
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    Playground - again!!!

    Meeting I feel this is the wrong way to approach this play ground Development.Would you like to meet with Ray Ronway from fingalcoco and the Dun Saithne committee. This is no place to discuss this very important matter,As you can see at the top of this page this is a Fun Friendly Forums For...
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    Vandalised Vehicle

    Yes i agree we all need to work together in the estate.
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    Playground madness?

    playarea Hi There, The play area is going ahead mid sept.You will recevie a letter in the near future to comfirm this from fingalcoco
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    Playground madness?

    killer butterfly Hi killerbee i think you have run out of honey.Some people choose not get involved in the estate.The reason the kids where on the green is they got involved in a drawning competition for the playarea,Did the noisey kids also take this letter out of your letterbox.I think if you...