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    Football damaging patio doors

    Difficult one - we can't really make the kids wear badges with their apartment numbers on them :) Have you tried spending some time in the courtyard and see if you can identify parents of the kids? Alternatively you could try writing a note and asking the kids to give it to their parents...
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    Electricity Issue

    If something is tripping down there, you may need a professional. Is the switch in the basement just for your apartment? Is there any sign of damaged cables or damp or anything there? If you think it's coming from the basement, let the managing agent know. Alternatively, is there a pattern...
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    Insurance - High risk flooding

    When I first got my insurance years ago they mentioned flooding areas. I pointed out that I'm x floors off ground level, so if I get flooded the rest of Dublin is done for. The guy laughed and accepted that. I'd check with your insurers if they cover water damage from above, or within your...
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    Annual service charge time again...

    Long ago Neil - there was a fairly big envelope introducing the new management company, and various bits and pieces. If you don't have their contact details let me know and I'll look it up tomorrow and pass it on.
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    main storage heater not heating overnight

    I haven't seen a reset button (if there is one, it's most likely to be under the panel). Before dismantling things, have you checked your settings? The last few days have been a bit milder - try turning the input up to max if you haven't already done so, and then see how it is tomorrow morning?
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    Bin Store Survey

    I know I'm not the only one appalled at the state of the bin store lately, and apparently it was worse over the Christmas holidays. While the transfer of management agent may be playing a part (I believe the bins weren't collected one week), I was in the bin store the day after the bins had...
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    Management Company Directors resigning

    It was extremely short. The current directors sat at the top of the room, said they were stepping down. Read out the names of people who'd been nominated (Damien, David, David and Tony listed above) by post at the appropriate time. Asked for a show of hands to accept each proposal, and a show...
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    Low mains water pressure Academy

    It may or may not be related to the general Dublin water problems:
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    Low mains water pressure Academy

    No, I'd just noticed it as well. Did you call the information centre to let them know?
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    Tenant obligation on getting connection to the electricity distribution system

    What's the letter about? Were the previous tenants/owners disconnected? Usually when you move into a new place you get a meter reading and sign up with the supplier of your choice, giving them the meter reading as the starting point. There is often a deposit of approx €300 if you don't agree...
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    Indesit cookerhood light switch

    The light switch on my cooker hood has gone a little odd. It turns on OK, but it's a bit of a struggle to turn it off. I suspect that a spring or something has come loose. Does anyone know how to remove the cover to get in to the switch panel? Has anyone taken the cover off before, and was...
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    Accessing the private section.

    I think everyone gets their own password. AFAIK beedee is no longer a moderator, but in general you send PMs through "notifications/inbox" at the top right of the screen. In this case you're probably better off using the "Contact us" link at the bottom of the page to get in touch with the site...
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    Anyone lose a dog?

    A small dog has been hanging around the courtyard all day. Very friendly, but no collar. He's not with anyone. Has anyone misplaced a small dog?
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    Eviction of owner-occupier

    I don't have any advice I'm afraid, but can offer sympathies. As well as letting people know every time there's a problem, keep a diary with dates, times, durations and a brief description. E.g. 29/5 2am -3am, loud music, breaking glass, keeping me awake. 30/5 10pm - 11pm loud television...
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    Follow up to january '13 academy residents meeting

    The original group stood down not long after my last post here, and I haven't heard anything since. I'll see if I can find anything with the details of the other volunteers - if you PM me your email address I'll pass it on if I can find details. Best of luck with the move.