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    Block Z

    According to the staff at Centra, some units were let as part of a social housing project with the remainder let privately. Hooke & McDonald are the agents for the private lets and apparently the rent for a two bedroom is 1000 EUR per month.
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    Disturbance last night

    Anyone aware of a disturbance in Rockview during the night - it seemed to go on for a while and sounded as if it was coming from the blocks towards Centra? Also, was anyone kept awake due to a party in Block F on Saturday night? This has been a regular thing since these ' children ' moved...
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    Cleaning Company

    sandyford123 - I have to agree with all your comments regarding this issue, however, I see little improvement in the standard of service. Last week they entered one block and left within 8 minutes. They then entered another block and left within 5 minutes - both blocks were three floors...