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    Houses sold but not occupied

    any one know what houses are sold and not lived in and which ones are not sold. one i thought was not sold but someone turned up today to have a look. six weeks after it was broken into and left wide open, gardai were notified. i taped the doors shut as the fire alarm was driving me mad at...
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    Water question

    grease trap our grease trap is right outside the kitchen window near the sink drain. very unpleasant job. k35
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    thanks for the update thanks for the update, sorry about missing the meeting, looks like an interesting little bar. i hope things will improve, hate to see the grass revert. thanks for the hard work.. keith
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    Maintenance Van

    hi all, sorry i missed the meeting but we were on the hols, same van cutting grass this morning, is this our doing or the auctioneers? 35