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    For sale

    What type of property? House, apartment or duplex?
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    Recommendations for local doctors

    I go to the doctor in Ballyroan. Above the Supervalu. Not a very modern building but very reasonable and see children quickly and at a short notice. 01 494 6369.
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    New Educate Together Site decided

    I met a mum at Hunterswood swings and her son is starting in September. My little guy won't start til September 2015. Should know in next 3 months location of permanent site
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    New Educate Together Site decided

    I know my friend has received her letter of offer for places in September 2013 and hasn't heard of any issue with the site and of the school not opening. If I hear anymore I will let you know
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    Whats happening on the green near the Scholars

    Not 100% sure but might be the new Educate Together building. I'm trying to find out at the mo.
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    New Educate Together Site decided

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    New Educate Together Site decided

    Great news - the Department of Education and Skills has identified a site adjacent to the Firhouse Community Centre on Ballycullen Avenue for our school AND the first round of offers for Junior Infants 2013 were posted today
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    Alarm going off constantly

    It's not just Hunters Ave., Hunters Hill is absolutely atrocious. Trying to get a baby to sleep at any time of the day there is a nightmare! If it's not alarms, it is dogs barking:(
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    Water working?

    Thanks Woody, handy tip
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    Water working?

    mine gone too. was there a warning given???
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    New Educate Together School

    Wow that would be an excellent location for all the Hunterswood children. I haven't received word yet regarding locations, they are supposed to be announced in the next two weeks. They have already started to advertise for teachers for the Ballinteer and Stepaside schools.
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    New Educate Together School

    Educate Together has been granted patronage of both the new schools, in Ballinteer and Stepaside due to open September this year and open in Tallaght (Citywest/Fortunestown) in September 2012 and Firhouse/Oldbawn in 2013. *
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    Local schools around HuntersWood, Knocklyon & surrounding areas

    There is a Gael Scoil across from Superquinn in Knocklyon. The Rathfarnham Educate Together is our closest one, however, there are two startup groups to build an Educate Together in Sandyford/Stepaside/Ballinteer area and Tallaght/Firhouse area. YOu can pre-enrol online - South Dublin...
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    Townhall meeting Friday 7.30 notice - Hunterswood - Firhouse Community Centre.

    Thanks a mil Seamus, really appreciate the update. Maybe a meeting midweek would be best - Mon or Tue night? Well done to the Residents Association, they have done great work. I definitely think someone from Hunters hall should be on whatever committee is set up. I don't live there but from all...
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    Possible new Educate Together

    Hi All, I am on the Committee of parents who are working towards opening an Educate Together School in the area. We have a facebook page - Ballinteer/Sandyford Educate Together and website - Did you know, you can now Pre-Enrol online for South Dublin Educate...