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    Crosbies Yard as a place to live

    There were issues many years ago with bike thefts as you could literally jump over the gates into the complex. They raised and modified the gates so it’s near impossible and they added a separate gate to the basement carpark. As far as I’m aware, there’s never been any breakins to apartments...
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    No damp or mould in my apartment. Is your apartment properly ventilated? Are you drying clothes indoors on a clothes horse? They'd be most likely reason.
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    Can you get Saorview in Crosbies Yard?

    I'm receiving Saorview fine, I have it setup in the living room. I'm using one these indoor aerials.
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    2015 ODPM Fees

    I had the same concern and emailed ODPM at the start of the month. The invoices will be coming soon. Here's an what they replied with:
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    ibox down again. what is eircom like?

    Seconded. Have any previous iBox customers made the change to eircom? I've clung onto iBox since moving in but it makes sense to move to eircom. I've heard there's a break in service whilst the cables are re-configured? How long were people waiting?
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    Current Eircom installation:not available to iBox customers

    It's mostly down to reliability. Whilst iBox have been okay, there has been one (or two?) outages for me. The problem with outages with an outfit like iBox is that you're at their mercy until the issue is sorted. Before the network infrastructure was migrated over to the iBox, 3playplus handled...
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    Current Eircom installation:not available to iBox customers

    Is anyone else planning to make the move to Eircom? We are but the prospect of a 3 week gap of no internet access whilst the transfer from iBox to Eircom isn't the most appealing. So, I have a proposal for any residents in/near Block B. If you're planning to migrate to Eircom, would you be...
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    iBox is the email I've been using to contact iBox with regard to BB. Do make it known to them that you're a Crosbies Yard resident as I believe this is the only apartment block they provide broadband too. It's possible you might have dealt with a new member of staff who isn't aware of...
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    Getting a landline installed? Possible?

    Hey. I want to move my TV/Telephone/Broadband from homevision to Sky (for TV) and ADSL (for BB/Internet). I put an order for a new landline through to Smart a couple of weeks ago but they came back with some nonsense that the place is re-wired for NTL/Chorus (think they meant homevision). Are...
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    Management Fees / Residents Committee

    You should get a letter regarding management fees sometime around the start of February, they've usually been invoiced around that period, well at least for the last 3 years that I've paid them. I don't recall what the fees have been but I do know last years had increased a lot in comparison...
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    Car Damage and break ins

    Extra security cameras won't do anything, the only successful way of combating the car park problems (vehicles being broken into/bicycles damaged) is to get the management company to install electric gates at the end of the car ramp. A side-effect of this is that everyone would then need another...
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    Sky Update anyone?

    How will the service be retro-fitted into our apts? New cables pulled in? Or some sort of RJ45 > Coaxial? Once the cable is pulled in, is it possible to setup Freeview and order Sky at a later date?
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    Thinking of buying here.. was there flooding a few years ago?

    Yeah, like racer said, the site flooded in it's previous incarnation before the apartment complex was built. I've been here for 3 years & I haven't seen any sign of flooding/water logging, including the underground carpark.
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    New in Crosbies and what the storry with HomeVision

    Any word on the Sky install?
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    New in Crosbies and what the storry with HomeVision

    That's great news about Sky, I was wondering what the story was and concerned it might have been shelved since there was no mention of it in the recent letter. Hopefully we'll be allowed get the cables in place and then either get sky or buy your own kit & go freeview without any penalties. That...