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    Clean Up

    Hi All, Some of the residents have kindly volunteered to do a clean up of the estate on Saturday morning. If you would like to help out please meet at the car park of Cocoon Creche at 10am. If you have a lawnmower, garden shears, gloves, plastic bags or a helping pair of hands we would...
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    Kids in Estate

    We have gone through the exact same since we have moved in - it's only in the last few weeks we have got the kids to move from the front of our house. We had to knock on the parents doors and call the police. The parents were very rude saying they are just kids - kids play ball - if you have...
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    Drain Update

    Just a very quick update. We have had a drains company out on side today to flush the drains were the current blockage is. The have identified the cause - it comes down to : baby wipes, make up wipes, make up pads and medicine spoons. The guy doing it showed my the shore where the blockage...
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    AGM - Paddocks - tonight 7pm

    AGM - Paddocks - tonight 7pm Budget approval will take place
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    New Graffiti by Sohic

    Did you see how the school covered up the teachers name - and then days later put half a coat of paint on the rest of the wall
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    School and creche traffic nightmare..

    And you would be correct :) They are putting the lines down last Summer - but Mark (who has left / or was fired / or *insert generic excuse used by Keenans*) never got around to it - even though at the time there was money in the account - we got some more lies around legality - which the...
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    Problem with drains throughout the estate

    Oh Paula - thats a disgrace - surely they have a priority with this issue? Saying there is no money is a joke - there is money there to move the bin last week. Have you got on to Fingal to see if the building works could have affected this? On a side note I was talking with Fingal last month...
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    management fees 2011 in Phibblestown Wood

    Fees are €230 PLUS €50 for sinking fund - they are hiding this charge IMO Also worth noting under new legislation the committee no longer approve the budget but ALL the members of the estate at the AGM. So we have the option of not accepting this budget tonight - which I for one will NOT...
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    School and creche traffic nightmare..

    This is a constant nightmare - especially with the school kids being dropped of - we have asked the Management Company to place yellow lines -we are still waiting on this
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    Assistance requested to help lower management fee's in Phibblestown Wood

    Hi All, As you may be aware we are coming close to the end of the year and due to get our new fee's from KPM for 2012. We are reaching out to everyone today to assist in helping to lower the fees and hopefully do away with them all together. We have a new property manager whom we are...
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    Communiaal Bins

    The bin shed wouldn't be in the same area it currently is - behind the wall - you can't see it unless you have a key to access
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    Communiaal Bins

    My understanding is it would cost 100 euro per house - at present I pay 110 per year for my pins and last year we had out bin out 15 times (roughly once every 3 - 4 weeks) - this cost 120 euro (8euro per bin tag x 15 times a year = 120) so for me it would be a saving of 130 Also I always forget...
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    Communiaal Bins

    Hi, Just wondering what everyone thinks of the new communal bin idea? I think its great, house owners will make a significant saving, as well as the estate looking much cleaner. The last green bin day there was bins, bags, rubbish and boxes blowing everywhere. Anyway let me know what...
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    doors & radiators

    haha - the kitchen as well :) i would love to see your house someday. if you are selling those kitchen doors I would happily buy them from you - we are moving our washing machine and will need to put some doors in
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    doors & radiators

    wow Deesy - is there anything of the original house left :) Would be interested in the sitting room / kitchen double doors if they are still available? Mine are both damaged HH123