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    Main Street

    Hi, Does anyone know what the proposed plan will end up looking like for main street in clongriffin. I notice that there is alot of work going on over the last couple of months, and there has been signs put up in relation to the road being upgraded for the dart purposes, but i am wondering...
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    Clongriffin businesses already open

    ps. the Creche in the estate is part of the Pipalong creche. Their contact details are: Pipalong Childcare Centre Hole In The Wall Road, Dublin 13 (01 8479595) They extended their creche to a beautiful building in clongriffin esate, and it is a very secure well kept building. The...
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    Clongriffin businesses already open

    Hi, I live in clongriffin and 2nd the above post. The services that are in the area are brilliant and the staff are very friendly. The guys in the off licence are top notch and very helpful... and pharmacy is fab too, the girls and the guy in there are great. Love the area and so nice to...