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    How safe is your wireless Broadband?

    It has come to my attention within this development that a friend of mine is using/stealing another neighbours wireless broadband that is not password protected. I'm am awear my friend has his own broadband, but his own wireless router is working on and off and he is too lazy to call the...
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    Simons Ridge Gardening Group

    Hi all Any one that knows me, knows how my interest in gardening is my work and hobby. I want to know if any one else in the development of Simons Ridge is also interested and we can form a group and do some gardening together. You can either contact me directly or leave a post here on...
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    Public Transport

    Alternatively you could walk up to the Blackglen Road and cross the bridge that goes over the M50 and then cut through Kingston down to the green route, but in the past this has taken about 40 minutes. But the Route that Radiel has mentioned above is the more convient.
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    Grow your own

    I have been pondering over the idea that some gurilla gardening needs to be done in the development, and I have bulbs in mind to plant. The bulb planting in now upon us and was wondering if any one would be interested in planting Daff's, tulips, snow drops, and crocus about this development of ours.
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    Cat (kitten) on my balcony

    A ginger and white kitten has shown on my patio for the last three evenings, was wonder if the kitten has an owner in this development, if not once I be friend this and capture it, it will be sent to the pound as I have enough on my plate wit Dash and Coco and don't need a third cat to add to...
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    Cat (kitten) on my balcony

    if no one claims the cat/kitten can my cats have it for dinner
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    CENTRA = rip off

    I'm going to have to agree with ct Roy on this matter, but sometime the special offers may not have been coded into the tills. I have on many times brought this to the cashers attention before payment occurs and cashier has to follow suit. I go by the motto the customer is always right. I'm...
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    Cleaning Company

    my god you have alot of time on your hands to be timing the cleaners, maybe you should overt your attention to the landscapers and check out to see if they are doing their job right. I hate to be standing over you in your job and timing you.
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    NTL/Chours/UPC Telephone

    Neal can you keep us posted on the matter
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    Commerical Vans

    Hi Neal With regarding of commerical vechiles parked in the development where a small number of people objected and stated in the lease that they would be prohibited. I discovered that part of the service agreement was open to interpetation and would cover all fleet vechiles such vans and...
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    Bathroom Extractor Fan

    Hi Rockview Bob I was going through the old posts and found this message regarding all the appliances in every apartment I hope it can be of help to you Bob. Default Try Tony @ KKS 087 9483997. I think they were responsible for all the appliances. Cathal passed me on his no. a while back when...
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    Grow your own

    Update to this Blog, and will up date once a week from now on. I have a vested interested in the allotments that we have hired for the year. The aim is to have a community envolment how ever small it is. It is time to stop the moaners from ruining this site and get a community spirit up and...
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    Grow your own

    The story so far with regards of a communal garden with in the development is being put on hold until October, but in the mean time some of us residence have got together and we are hiring out an allotment in Glencullen near Johny Foxes just for the year to gain some experience. At the moment we...
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    Weekend Noise

    Looks like the resident banshee has made her call again, I had a neighbour like that last year, but she wailed practical all day long.
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    Grow your own

    Hi all To the residences who turned up to the directors questions and answers meeting on monday night, noticed I had piggy backed this meeting to high light a cause very close to my heart and to get a community initative off the ground and I hope it will be one of many. As many of you...