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    Dog in garden with nobody living in the property

    Hi definitely abuse and you should ring the guards and the Dspca, they will call out and check the dog. How horrible and cruel, and it's freezing out, this dog will die if nothing is done
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    Houses on the left as you drive in

    Does anyone know why everyone has moved out of all the apts and houses at the start of the estate on the left? Very odd as they all moved out this week and now it's all empty
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    Clamping Belfry hall Citywest

    Just BeeN onto odpm and yes the clampers will be clamping underground starting from Monday!!! Can't believe the committee came up with this!
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    Clamping Belfry hall Citywest

    This is uncalled for! Clamping! Making problems when there isn't any. For one the letter was badly written that we received of odpm Didnt explain if this ment underground to,underground is our own private carpark accessed by fob so hopefully this will not be clamped, some months it's a toss up...
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    Free Sky+ Box for new Sky customers

    sky i rang to and was shocked to find out it was that much.i have the normal sky to and want to upgrade to sky plus also.
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    Mgmt Fee increase

    managment fee i got a letter a good few months ago saying i owed 600 but when i rang to pay was told to leave it. now i get this letter for 2200. is anyone else goin to pay this i think its outragious they do nothing and im refusing to pay till the gardens are finished and the underground lake...
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    Mgmt Fee increase

    odpm fees hi just received a letter that i have to pay 2200 euro for management fees. im in belfry hall im in total shock, they havent cleaned my windows since i moved in a year and a half ago, i rang them a few wks ago and they said they would see what they could do but heard nothing. the...
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    hi can anyone tell me if odpm is in charge of fixing the intercoms in the apts. mine is broke can only hear fuzzy noises. thanks
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    if u go into the general disscussion page and on the second page posted on the 10/07 there is a hairdresser who will call around to your house and do color cuts etc she also has a website with the price lists
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    management fee

    management fees im not paying them a penny till the underground car park is fixed its horrible wading through smelly water and the outside grounds and im living there now a yr and a half and not once have they cleaned the windows.. i could go on and on its a sham.
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    shouting i saw them two women alright i was coming in from work about 8.30 in the morning and the younger one was walking out shouting fuck u with her finger stuck in the air then the other woman was screamin at her to find her own way home and something about children... looked like they had...
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    management fees

    fees hi just a letter to it says on mine it has to be paid by the 6th of march which is next thursday. i think this is a disgrace only giving us 6 days notice and they are quoting 3500 euro for their fee of window clean!!!!! eh what window cleaning??? and the doors which is an on going...
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    Anyone seen my cat?

    hi i live in the new apts and my friend was up on sunday and said she saw a cat matchin yours beside the grass that behind the car park i will keep an eye out
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    Name your Block

    block c...
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    Code on door wont work -

    i got a key for the front door through my letter box