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    150 Bus Parking

    I completely agree with you and the problem is now worse since the installation of the new lights.
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    Dublin Bus Information

    54A Route Extended The 54A route has been extended to Kiltipper Way. More information here
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    Yeah - great to see it. And fair play to the residents association for taking such an active role.
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    Yep - thats exactly what happened. Disgraceful, imo. I noticed the sign up at the corner of the green nearest the shop on my way home from work - it had been vandalised :rolleyes: I've also heard that SDCC will have an 'official' bonfire next year, which sounds like a good idea. It felt...
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    FYI - Orwell Bonfire

    Please see this post in relation to the bonfire on Orwell Green >
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    From what I hear, there will be a council truck at the green waiting to take any wood or other materials that are destined to be burnt. The 'banning' of the bonfire seems to have the full endorsement of SDCC and the Gardaí. I witnessed countless people last year who brought household rubbish...
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    Whats Your Favorite Boozer?

    As the title states, where do you go in the area for a tipple? I'm a fan of The Pines myself (especially if there is a football match on), but I like The Morgue on a weekend night.
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    NTL Disaster!

    I live in Wainsfort and had awful trouble with NTL - my broadband signal kept dropping out - even though Digital TV signal was OK. They couldn't fix it. In the end I changed to Eircom for my broadband and Sky TV for my Digital TV and I haven't had one problem since. This may be of interest...
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    What About St. Judes??

    Ok - I just noticed another user on this forum who is from Willington. Does anybody think thats if the whole of St. Judes Parish was to be included that it would be a little more active. The forum could be divided at a later stage. St. Judes comprises of Orwell Park, Willington, Osprey...
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    Hi all

    Willington is next door to Orwell. Welcome to!
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    Bus Services & Timetables

    The two main busses serving Orwell Park are the 54A and the 150. The 15A is quite close by and serves Rathmines on its way into town. Timetables for the routes are as follows: 15A, 54A, 150 Further bus information is available form Dublin Bus. EDIT (29 Nov 2006) : The 54A route has been...
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    Garda Contact Info

    Terenure Garda Station is located on Terenure Road West opposite the entrance to Presentation Primary School. The Garda Station phone number is 01 666 6400. Alternatively, there is the Garda Confidential Phoneline 1800 666 111.
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    Planning Applications

    You can view planning applications in the SDCC area by clicking on this link and putting Wainsfort (or whatever area you want) into the search bar and clicking the location search button. If you wish to submit an application, information can be seen here. A particularly cool function on...
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    Dublin Bus Information

    Wainsfort is served by Dublin Bus route 54A. While the bus doesn't come through Wainsfort proper, it does come quite close. The route terminates at Eden Quay and The Square, Tallaght. The bus passes Templeogue College on Templeville Road, turns right onto Fortfield Park and then right onto...
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    Your Public Representatives

    At Local Level, Wainsfort is the Terenure/Rathfarnham ward of South Dublin County Council. Your current representatives to SDCC can be seen here On a national level, Wainsfort falls into the Dublin South Central Constituency. Current Representatives can be seen here This list has no...