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    Incorrect Postal Address

    Hi all, I received a letter yesterday with the correct address but with the wrong addressee. If anyone knows the address for a "Benjamin Benny", could you please PM me and I will forward it on. Cheers, Paul
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    Management Company AGM

    AGM tonight! Hi all, Just to remind you that this meeting is tonight. Regards, Paul
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    Buses to City Centre

    Thanks for the info
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    Hi, we had a single mouse in our attic about a year ago. Laid down traps to catch him and haven't had any since! We also bought a device from the Arro hardware shop which is plugged into the wall and is supposed to emit some sort of high pitched noise which keeps then away. Maybe we've just been...
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    Was just onto Jim Hughes there and there has been major problems with the water supply to the estate over the last 2 weeks. He has been hounding Fingal County Council about this (Water Supply division can be contacted at 01-8905900). For anyone else with water issues, please feel free to...
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    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has been experiencing very bad water pressure over the last number of days? The cold taps in the upstairs of the duplex seemed to be the worst hit. I checked the 2 water tanks in the attic last night and they were nearly empty (the 3rd time I have noticed this...
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    Parking Situation for Duplexes and Apartments

    If you're talking about BP Park, that guy is me, and the reason I park there is not to inconvenience anyone else but to park under the street lighting as much as possible, considering an attempt was made to rob a car up my end a few weeks ago. I don't think it's any coincidence that the attempt...
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    Hyland Property Management

    Just off the phone with Donal Hyland there and apparently the street lighting for BP Park will be up and running by this Friday (06/02/09).
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    Boiler Inspection

    Got it too. Seems strange that they would be carrying it out on units they have already sold
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    Abandoned Car

    Fingal county council I reckon
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    Hyland Property Management

    Just off the phone with Donal Hyland there and apparently this will be completed by the end of the month. Fingers crossed.
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    It's €50 for 1 month. From what I can remember, 6 months is less than €200 and 12 months is about €350. Yep, thats the one, pretty much opposite the Bank or Ireland
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    Have been a member of the Bodylab gym in the Community Center for the last 6 months. Pretty small and it can be hard to get access to all the machines you want on a given night but other than that, happy enough with it.
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    Hyland Property Management

    Something that I think Donal is aware of, but we also need to get some sort of lighting for the bin shed at the rear of the Park. I can hardly see my hand in front on my face at nighttime around there.
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    Broadband ?!

    Hi, Got 3MB broadband from eircom last week and the speeds are pretty good. You'll need a phoneline for this, however.