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    FYI - Appeal lodged with An Bord Pleanala re Discount Foodstore in The Coast

    Hi All, An appeal has been lodged to An Bord Pleanala (ABP) regarding Fingal County Council's permission for a licensed discount foodstore,to be located between Myrtle Road and Grange Road, next to the DART line, with access via Myrtle Road, ie the first left turn upon entering The Coast at...
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    Only other one I know of that I've contacted are Imagine Wimax.
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    Sky or Magnet

    Sky will have their demo truck in Red Arches beside the sales suite on 26th January as far aas I'm aware. They'll answer any questions you may have. Am interested in changing myself.
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    To all The Coast Residents

    Hey Folks Please come along and join your neighbours for "Christmas Drinks" in Graingers, at 8pm on Saturday, December 11. Look forward to seeing you all there. :)
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    Cat found on halloween night

    Hi Stephen, I don't own the cat but if you are havin difficulty findin the owners and are allergic I will take it in my home. I have one cat already and can care for another until the owner is found if it helps!! Janet
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    Overflowing bins!!!!!!!!!

    Just to let you know the bins were emptied this morning in myrtle by a yellow and white unbranded truck. Good to see them emptied but we definitely need some answers!!! I would reccommend every one to start on at Wyse to confirm a date for the AGM. We were prmised at the last (late) AGm that the...
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    Overflowing bins!!!!!!!!!

    Hey folks, Anyone heard why the bins in Myrtle (not sure of Red Arches) have not been collected. They are usually emptied on a Saturday morning but so far have not been touched. I was putting it down to the Bank Holiday but the bins in Sweetman Are seriously overflowing at the minute. It...
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    scary gunmen!!

    I should think not coaster. Probably worth a call to Howth stattion to check on this!! Can't say I like the idea of guns so readily at hand around residential units myself.
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    Missing Cat Sweetman House

    That's great news. My son just saw a cat that looked like yours climbing a tree and I logged straight on to see I you had found her!!! So happy for you. The cats can get out unfortunately. I did have 2 cats but one got out one day and never came home. They seem to be able to get out but not...
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    Missing Cat Sweetman House

    I'm afraid not. My son and I are keeping an eye out around the area. I hope she turns up soon!!!
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    Problems with drains in Red Arches

    That's excellent thanks for the info Shauna. Will get onto sorting it out.
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    Missing Cat Sweetman House

    Oh no she's a lovely lil thing. She's often in our place eating my cats food. She's adorable. Hope she shows up. I'll keep an eye out and let you know if I see her!!!!
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    Problems with drains in Red Arches

    Hey Shauna, Thanks a mill for the info. Sounds like it could be a similar problem. When you say easily fixed what do you mean exactly?? Does it need a plumber or can you do it yourself? Does it involve removing tiles/plaster from the walls or making holes in the walls??? I think the stink is...
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    If it's any help I found half a mouse down in the car park beside my car yesterday morning!!! Lol
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    I've left Heather out today hun, hopefully she'll catch whatevers out there!!! Was the mouse on the garden side or the street side? Might be time to get onto Wyse to set some traps in the garden? I know there's some in the carpark. Will only get worse as the bad weather comes in.