Yellow Lines


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Hi all

Has anyone got any concerns regarding the inconsistencies with the new yellow lines and stop boxes. It seems that they have been put down at random with no regard for the rules when it comes to the correct placing of double yellows. One area in particular (in the newer part of the estate) which is a cul de sac and ideal for parking so as not to be parked out on the road or up on the foothpath is now double yellows!! A similar cul de sac at another part of the estate (also in the newer side) is also double yellows but this one has a small free section enough to park one car, bizarre! Almost like they were painted while a car was parked there.
Another point would be the reckless parking every day all day of a Truck on the corner which is an accident waiting to happen because you can't see a thing on approaching this corner, yet there are no double yellows and no stop box either.
Am I alone in thinking that this is all wrong?