We need to stand up to the new management agent

Hi All,

I think we need to stand up to the new management agent and directors. They are bullying us. One guy in particular walks around all day with his dog hassling people. It has to stop. They are taking liberties and are upsetting a lot of us. We will hold a meeting and request a change of directors. The current ones don't care about us as a community and make it clear with every passing glance and sometimes cloaked remarks.

We also want our shops back. Please speak up.
I have a good idea. If you want access to the binsheds, maybe you could pay for them like everybody else. Do you think it's right that some people have to cover the scabs.
I lost my apartment this time last year because I couldn't afford the constant increase in the management fee. I am now homeless thanks to these people. I pleaded with people to do the right thing and nobody gave a damn. I have absolutely no sympathy for any of you now. You are finally all getting what you deserve.