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Don't dump it, Freecycle it!

Hi - I don't kow if anyone besides exDJ is reading this, but just so you know, I've started a local Freecycle community, which you can find at

Freecycle is about keeping things out of landfill that might still have a useful life. The way it works is very simple: You register, wait a day or so for membership approval, then after that you either offer (and we prefer that your first email be an offer) an item/items that you want to move along, or request a specific item that you think the other members might have lying around. After you decide who you want to give your item to, or you have been selected as the beneficiary of someone else's item, you make your own arrangements about picking up the item.

Freecycle is a worldwide movement, but the idea is to keep it local, hence the Westmeath Group. So have a look - it's free to join, and you can opt out at any time. You'd never know who thinks your old stuff is exactly what they want - or what 'treasure' your neighbours might have in their attics that they want to move along!