Thinking of buying in Willsbrook estate - Some questions

Looking at properties in the Willsbrook estate in Lucan at present and wonderng if people living there have feedback on the estate over all

It seems like really nice, settled estate with well kept houses - a credit to everyone who lives there :)

Am i right that most of the houses are owner occupied and there are not many rentals in the estate overall
How old are the houses in general - 15-20 years - less?
Are the houses of good constuction with good sound proofing and insulation
Do you like living there
Is there any trouble in the neighbourhood or is it pretty quiet
What traffic like around there now - know in past people used to say it was bad but has it improved
Is there a good community spirit
Is it pretty settled area in terms of people buy and stay for the medium to long term
Is there neighbourhood watch scheme in the area
Do people watch out for each other property and keep eye on them when owners away
Are there any upcoming development plans for the areas
Any other feedback you might have that think is relevant

PM me if you prefer to give feedback privately
Thanks in advance