storage heaters & shower problems


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I'm new here, I'm just moving in this week but just can't seem to figure everything out so I'm wondering if someone can help me...

Can anyone point me in the right direction with the storage heaters in the apartments. The convection part is working but the storage part doesn't seem to be. I have everything switched on (I think) and the input & output are up. There is no red light on the switch on the wall though. I've checked the heaters in the morning and during the day and there's no heat from them. Am I missing something?

Also I can't figure out how to keep the water running to the shower head, if I hold up the ring it works but the water goes back to the taps as soon as I let go...

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Hi Junette,

The storage heaters work something like this.
The input determines how much heat is stored in the heater over night
The output determines how quickly that heat is let out. It also activates the convection heater once you turn it all the way up.
There should be two switches on the wall beside your heater. One switch will light up all the time. this switch powers the convection heater part. The other switch will only light up at night (after 11 I think) and powers the storage heater part. The idea is, the radiator uses electricity at night at a cheaper rate to 'store' heat in what are essentially bricks that let out the heat gradually over the day.
I leave this on all the time at the moment with both my input and output set to about 4. This seemed adequate for the cold snap we had but in the evenings i somtimes turn on the convection switch and turn up the output to warm up a little.
Storage heaters aren't great in a country where it can be mild one day and cold the next as they're not immediate heat.

As for your shower issue I'm afraid i'd know very little. if it's the shower head part of a bath taps i think the water pressure should keep the valve in position. if you have a pump in your apt make sure it's switched on. Mines in beside the water tank. you'd hear it hum whenever you turn on a tap other than the cold tap in the kitchen I think. I had a problem with a shower mixer and it was a real pain to change. It might be an idea to contact the property managers (fisher-016402748) for help on that one.

All the best