I've seen some posts about a Sky communal dish. I just moved in and was wondering was one ever installed or is UPC the only option still?


We are currently having Parklands surveyed with a view seeing what type of work is required to install Sky and Saorview, but it's not in place at the moment,

Sarah, Parklands Director

is UPC the only option still?

Eircom's TV service is available, and I believe vodafone are close to launching their service (you may have noticed the new green cabinets installed recently beside the entrance road, they are for high speed internet access through the phoneline)
It took a little longer than anticipated to get going with this - installation turned out to be a slightly bigger job than Sky anticipated. Installation began this week, and so service will roll out over the next few weeks. Sky can give the exact date if you call them up.

Eircom have also made some improvements in the area which apparently will lead to faster broadband speeds, so that may be another option for residents looking to break away from UPC
UPC have suddenly become a whole lot more competitive - they rang me today to offer a 12 month contract of broadband, phone and tv for e25 per month, the package is normally e80 or something. I was paying e45 a month for phone and broadband up till now, so it's a decent package for me.
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