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If you are have any issues or queries in relation to your services ie- Broadband, electricity, gas, TV services then post it here
Alternative bin collection

Hi -

We currently have council Rubbish and recycling services. But I notice that other people use Wallace recycling. Is there a difference? Is one better/cheaper than the other?




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Welcome Annabie

:) If you have paid an initial fee to the council for bins, I think it would be pointless at this stage.
We have used Wallaces for the past few years and find the service excellent. The charge for each bin was 40 euro with a collection charge of 8 euro(household) and 3 euro (recycling) each.These tickets are available in most shops, supermarkets and petrol stations and tax relieve can be claimed by holding on to counterfoil for the revenue. Considering that we are a family of four, the average spend per month is 22 euro. How does this compare with the council?
Council Bins are free, €8 for rubbish, €4 for recycling. Currently collections are weekly for rubbish, and bi weekly for recycling, though they plan to change to alternate weeks soon. At the moment, we're using both a lot, but we'll ease off once we get the post move decluttering done. Then between recycling, and composting, shouldn't have much rubbish at all.

Good to know what the alternatives are, and there's always the option of a trip to the dump. :)


TV questions

Is there anyone using satellite TV who is not a Sky subscriber? I have a dish and decoder but I'm having a hard time lining it up so I'm wondering if there's anyone in the area who does/knows someone who does that sort of thing. NB - I'm only trying to receive 'free-to-air' channels; we're not big TV watchers so we have no need for 'how to get sky movies for free' guides.



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:) Hi best before,
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With regards to your query about a dish and decoder, I haven't got a clue but a neighbour of mine recently installed a system to pick up German stations. I'll have a chat and see if his system and installation is similar to what your looking for.
Satellite TV stuff

Thanks, Exdj - since I posted my original request I borrowed a phone book and found a guy who re-aligned my dish and tidied up the cable installation so that I can now get perfect reception on all the BBCs and ITVs, as well as FilmFour and some other bits and pieces, all for €90. If I want the Irish stations that I'm already paying for through my license fee and by watching their advertising content, I have to pay over four times that amount. And the rest of the world wonders how our economy is doing so well!!