Residents meeting 8th December 2008

Hi all,
We have delivered a Citygate newsletter during the week but have failed to gain access to the six apartment blocks that have a “common front door”, I think we have still managed to get copies delivered to 2 of the blocks but if require one you can request it by sending a email to , if you can please state your name and address on the mail as it would be a great help in getting an email list together. You can also request the minutes of our last meeting if also required...really good bed time reading!!

We will be holding a residents meeting upstairs Deputy Mayor Monday 8th Dec 2008 at 8.30pm, meeting WILL finish at 10.00pm sharp, some interesting developments of late and for the resident committee to be a success we really need the support of all owners so to that note I hope you can all make it.

Just to state and so we are clear the committee is completely voluntary and is made up of residents from within the estate, we are not linked or affiliated to the developer Dolminack, builders L&M or Fisher Property Management in anyway.

See you all Monday

Citygate Residents Committee