Refuse collection


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How does the refuse collection work in our estate? I haven't received any bins yet. Do I have to contact Kildare Co Co?


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Hi Mahin,
Assuming you are in a house then yes you'll need to contact Kildare Co. Council and pay the annual fee to get your bins delivered, then on top of that there is the fee for each time you put your normal waste bin out.
If you are in a duplex or apartment then I assume this is part of the management fees but I'm not 100% of this one.


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The bin situation from KCC is getting a joke. My recycling hasn't been collected since December even though it has been left out, and over Christmas we were not informed of the regular waste collection times.


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we havent had any problems with the waste collection as of yet,

trying not to put the bin out too often though and forgot to put the recycling out in jan. was it collected at all?