Moving to Lusk: Questions & Answers


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hi everyone, I am planning to move to Lusk with my wife and 2 kids (3 years old and 5 months).I work in Dublin City centre, my wife near Howth Junction stations. I would appreciate if anyone could answer on my questions:

1.Is Lusk safe place to live overall?
2.The Forge new houses, is that worth to look at, location and houses?
3.Creche and school, are there good schools and creches for childern.
4.Is there a local bus that takes you to train station?
5.How busy is the train station in the morning and also road exit to M1.
6.I would also appreciate an advise on good locations to buy a house in Lusk.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi, no idea where you are moving from so no idea of what you class as a "safe place to live" and what your expectations are. Best advice I could give would be to do what we did when we were looking. We came out at different times and walked around to get afeel for the place and that may help give you a flavour of the place.

Are you renting or buying ?

The Forge was a new dev and some houses were sold with more to be built but there are a few in that stretch that are vacant so not sure of the situation with the builder / maintenance / mgmt company if there is one.
Its directly across from a temp sewage treatment plant with another being up beside the ducate Together primary school further along the ring road. Both were temp for the new dwellings till we got connected up t the mains. Those plans changed and we're currently facing Fingal Co Council trying to build a super sewae treatment plany in Lusk.
The Forge is a 10-15 min walk to the train station as you could be waiting for the 33 to bring you if you don't fancy walking a few hundred yards
Trains station recently had a new car park re furb so improved parking but at a price but depending on time you need ot travel dictates how much space is on the trains but reliable service and timely I believe when I've had need to use the office in the city
We will all have our own preferences on where to live but there are a few estates and best to drive around or walk around inth eevenings to see where or what you would like.
Athletics, GAA (Round Towers), soccer (Lusk Utd), Judo, Scouts so plenty going on for the kids and probably lots of others too.
Out in the countryside and away from the hustle and congestion and a lovely place to live and raise a family in my opinion
Creches a plenty and I've never heard anything bad of any and could recommend where ours went


Not sure where that come from.

The Forge is growing. Fast. All houses on Forge Avenue and most on Forge View are gone. They are beautiful and seem to be good value. No piryte issues and developers seem to know what they're doing. Moved in few months back and love it. Neighbours seem nice but not much of community spirit. I hope this may change in the summer once we get to see them more.

We did a lot of research of our own and by 3rd parties and never have I heard anything about flood plain. Didn't have problem with valuation or house insurance either. Walking distance (7 minutes) to the Village and supervalu, 5 minutes to the bus stop and 20 minutes to the train station.