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I live in another part of Waterville but can clarify some of the things raised about parking.

  • Fingal Co. Co. won't permit the erection of gates, it goes against their policy. Other Waterville clusters have tried but can't
  • Leases for Waterville only allow for 1.5 (where the 0.5 is a share in visitor parking) spaces per unit. Technically that's all you are entitled to, crazy and all as it is, but that's what we signed up for.
  • The owners are the management company..SPM are only your agents. If there's a policy you want to change, raise it at your AGM
  • CCTV is rarely an option. In our cluster we would need 8 cameras...we looked into the cost and it was horrendous! Not just of installation but of monitoring/recording and storage of files
  • Allocated parking can be brought in at an AGM. We rejected it for a number of reasons, one being the security risk (seeing at a glance what units are empty), another being problems in other clusters when people park in the wrong space. You can't use your space if there's another car in it, with or without a clamp
  • Parking in any development is at your own risk. If your car is broken into, it is not the fault of the management company (ie all the owners in the development).
Things must be serious financially if permit parking has been brought in in an effort to get people to pay up. Particularly since paying fees is not optional, as an owner you signed up to a legally binding document that you would pay these. By not paying them you are jeopardising essential things in the development like insurance and refuse collection.

It always amazed me driving past Erris, how bad the situation was with people parking on the footpaths and how long it took for clamping to be introduced. We have clamping but don't have permits, yet.

Am interested in the post above about getting rid of SPM - any more info?