Leaks / water damage block d!! Or any block???


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Hi All,

I would really appreciate a response to this.
About 2 years ago I had a neighbour beneath me complaining that there was a leak in there apartment that seemed to be coming from mine. At first I thought it was my wasing machince or something that was causing the issue as i had on previouse occasions noticed water coming from here. I got a plumber down straight away and on further investigation, it was discovered the leak was coming from the pipes at the back of the sink, it had been like this maybe since the aparment was built. I had to remove all the kick boards, and my wooden floor had been destroyed. I had to lift the floors and put down new ones and had to remove all damp shelving and kick boards from kitchen.
At this stage, the managment company sent out an accesor for both our aparments and after much tooing and froing, with getting quotes ect the accessor / managment company issued a cheque and we were able to fix the water damages.
BUT I woke this morning to find my less than two year old floor destroyed from more water damage and the floor has cracked, and lifted I am on the top floor and my neighbour arrived up saying ti was going through to hers. As we all know now floors are not covered under the insurance policy, :mad: wonder why this is???? Has anyone else had any issues? Would really appreciate feed back on this. I am going to get a report from the plumber and look into getting an engineer out. I did not really understand what the plumber advised was the issue and really need to get someone to put this in laymans terms for me.
All in all a pricy weekend for me :(


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Hi Mojo,

Sorry to hear about your floor (and your neighbours).

I’ve heard of leaks into people apartments in the kitchen and the bathrooms but usually the apt above is to blame, so this looks like a new problem!

The reason why wooden floors were taken off the block insurance is that there was a lot of claims made for new wooden floors due to leaks (most of which were for reasons such as washing machine/dishwasher not plumbed properly) and it was pushing the premium way up.

Did you let Conor in ODPM know about the 2nd leak? If anyone has heard about a similar problem it would be him, so he could probably help you out.

Hope you get to the bottom of it.