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i am an owner in fernleigh drive both myself and my wife are getting settled,so we decided to spend alot of money on our garden and as it was just finished much to our delight.And as i walked down to the end of my garden to look back with pride, i couldnt believe what i saw the next door neighbour has bed sheets and duvet covers as curtains,clothes drying on the handles of all windows the garden is in a shambles,and i do believe their is a family living on all floors.if anyone has the same problem please let me know as the houses and aparments are very expensive.Due to low standard tenants and landlords not concerned about their property,im taking no crap.what if i wanted to sell my house and a potential buyer saw this?I wouldnt have chance.


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Hi stevo,im not in Fernleigh,am in Latchford in Clonee.we have renters next door and there back garden is an abslute discrace,the weeds have grown so tall at this stage you could mistake them for trees,house is just in a shambles in general.How would i go about complianing to the landlord,or even find out who he is, thanks
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Hi Stevo

Have you spoken to Wyse Estate Agents if you are having problems with neighbours Wyse should be able to contact the Owners about this for you.