Intruders in Belfry Hall - Beware


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Just ran 2 young lads from trying the emergency exits in block keep them closed folks as the RATS will keep trying to get in!!!!



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Thanks Nigel,

This just shows that people must NOT use the emergency exits for normal use.

its resulting in the doors getting broken which allows these kids to get into the building........and possibly into someones apt!

Not to mention the high cost in getting them repaired .......which will be reflected in our maintenance fees the following budget!



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Hi all,

Just a serious note on this that the situation above was actually the start of something which has gotten much worse.

We now have a regular gang of teenagers trying to access all the fire escapes (at A, B and C) - and regularly succeeding.

You need only look at the new graffiti in a Block B stairwell and all over Floor 4 (seems to have been done on Friday afternoon and an attempt to force a door on the ground floor, setting off an alarm.) The two block B upper stairwell windows (4th floor) are now broken at the hinges.

It's the same group who have been attempting to get access - all male teenagers. They then drink, smoke hash and vandalise the property once they are in.

They returned today (Sunday) and in a far more worrying development one of them seemed to be buying drugs from a white Hiace van that entered the property and proceeded to sell whatever it was on later to a car parked at the bin sheds. (All registrations taken and given to Gardai).

Sunday's visit was to Block C stairwell which presumably now is also showing plenty of evidence of the visit.

The Gardai were called and watched I believe, but didn't throw them out. They eventually left heading on near 5pm.

But the Gardai are slow to respond when they are called and so the onus is 100% on us.

We need to a call a committee and residents meeting URGENTLY before we wind up with something so serious, we watch the value of all the apartments plummet. Because once this kind of thing starts, it won't stop.

I will get on to OPDM and John the Caretaker to alert them, but in the meantime the quick and permanent solution to this lies with us:

* The fire escapes have to stop being used for any access, bar a fire/emergency. They only need to not close one single time and this bunch of idiots get access.

* Stop holding the main doors open - yes, even for each other. Just say it's policy. If someone lives here or is legitimately visiting, they'll have their own key or can call. In today's case, the gang got in because a presumably well-intentioned resident of Block C LET THEM IN the main door. He allowed one blue-track suited teenager in, who in turn held the door for all the others, who proceeded to make Block C stairwell home.

I'm not being unduly alarmist in posting this - but I hope other residents reading this sense and see how much of an epidemic we might be facing.

Like all pests, the key is to nip it in the bud on day one - barely any teenagers live in Belfry Hall, so your vigilance won't be difficult.

But I do think we have to all meet on it, because it is a danger sign that unfortunately makes the far younger kids/Travellers who used to try the same tricks over the summer look like a walk in the park.

I'd be all for volunteering to regularly check the fire doors too, if anyone else was willing to consider the same. I do it now on my way in and often out of the building anyway as a precaution.

Until I saw Nigel and M&S's posts, I thought I was alone in even noticing we had a serious issue. If we let this continue, Digigate and washing on balconies will be the least of our worries...

Thanks for reading - and any thoughts welcome...