HouseHold Tax and NPPR tax


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To the best of my knowledge our fees cover the following:

maintenance of the green area
Public Liability of the estate
Maintenance of roads and footpaths
Maintenance of Lights and electricity for lighting around the estate
Maintenance and electricity of water pump to pump water around the estate
Maintenance of drainage and sewage

And as far as I know the council refuses to take over until a planned crèche has been completed.

Surely from all of the above we will be exempt from the €100 house hold tax.

If there are any landlords with a house in Newcastle Manor, reading this, did you have to pay the Non-Principal Private Residence tax? as I assume the same rules will apply to both taxes.


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As far as I know the only exemptions to the household tax are those people in receipt of mortgage interest supplement and people living in ghost estates. :(
Landlords will have to pay the household tax and the NPPR