Hot water for Shower/storage heaters

Hello all

I have just moved into an apt in fernleigh. the previous owner has moved abroad and ive lost my notes so just wanted to find out one or two things:

im having difficulty getting hot water for the shower: when i turn the switch on it just heats the water for the taps at the the sinks. ive flicked up the small indictors on the wheel-disc and the bath light comes on however after and hour the water is still cold for the shower. does the storage heating need to be on the same time also or does it just take longer to heat up?

im not familiar with electric storage heaters. does anyone have a booklet or website to read up. would be good to use them efficiently as i can to save money on heating costs.

in my apartment there is nightsaver so the tank heats up overnight on the cheap and the tank is ready in the morning. if you can get hot water from the sink but not the shower it sounds like there might be a problem.

fraid i dont know how to work the storage heaters either