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I would like to express my general dissatisfaction with the Galvin Property & Finance Agency. If you think about buying a house in Heathfield, please read this carefully and think again!

At the beginning of June together with my wife we found these incredible homes for sale on A sales agent from the Galvin Property & Finance Agency(I don’t want to mention his name) assured us, that those prices are so low, because the bank pressures builders to sell all the property within 2 weeks.
We paid the deposit and booked one of the houses 12 Heathfiled Green (Sales Office) on the second day.

The same, agent promised me and my wife, that within three weeks we would know when the house is ready to be occupied. And not longer than within 6 weeks we will be able to move in. Nonsense and lies! During this 3 weeks I called this agent’s assistant (I don’t want to mention her name), who wasn’t polite on the phone and yelled at me that I shouldn’t call the agency every day!!! They couldn’t let us know when the house is ready to be available. There was not even ONE single update in this situation. Oh.. sorry there was... WE WILL LET YOU KNOW!! you have to wait!!!

2 months have passed. The builders went back from holidays (that’s what we have been told) I got the mail message, that if we still want to buy it, we can start the procedure.
I said OK, although we were already very pissed off. We found a solicitor and we started the whole procedure.

After about 10 days, I got an email message from this agent’s assistant to provide my wife's name and our current address to start the procedure. We were already assured that this have been done 10 days ago!!! I agreed and I sent what I was required. After discussing it with my wife we decided to not go for it, not buy this house and not deal with this terrible agency any more. I sent an email to them and after so many remainders, after 2 weeks I received my check and deposit today (25/08/2011).

We went once to the Galvin Property & Finance Agency office in Ranelagh Village and spoke with the agent’s assistant. I was blamed for changing my mind in front of my wife!!! We were told, that we have to wait for the deposit as long as it needed. We have been told the deposit wasn’t in this agency!!! Can you imagine??!!

3 months wasted!!
I am sure, that this house will not be sold over the next few months.. Why? Because it’s too complicated for them to move the Sales Office to somewhere else in this estate. I speculate that we my have been gazumped and there was a higher bit from someone else. The sales agent on the show day was extremely exited with the number of interested buyers including me and my wife. Day after we booked the house we were constantly ignored by them.
Such an agency is a joke and just shredded client’s nerves (our nerves).

Personally, together with my wife we are absolutely shocked by the attitude of the Galvin Property & Finance Agency. The way they treated us it’s just unbelievable. Finally, The Galvin Property & Finance Agency we not recommend to anyone!!

...Happy End...
We have decided to buy a house in different place and not make a deal with this unprofessional agency. The lesson we learned is priceless:D


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Your lucky you didnt buy an then have to put up with what the readients have to put up with (ie) unfinished roads,Problems with heating systems, Health and safety ,Unfinished main road works on the Cappagh road resulting in crashes on a near daily basis .No replys to emails .
And best of all a management agent looking for us to 'PAY' to live in these conditions !!!!!!


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Hi Karrossiter,
I read about your all issues in Heathfiled. I wish you all the best guys!!.
Keep pushing this horrible facilities management and the builders.
There is power when you are all together. They have to listen to you!
I would think about collecting all signatures from the residents, writing down all this unsolved problems and hire a Solicitor who would fight for your rights in the court!
Don't give up. May God bless you and help you!!