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Has anyone else noticed that their bin is being used by others to dump their domestic waste, only yesterday I was moving my bin out onto the path for Thorntons and noticed it to be a lot heavier to wheel than it was the night previous. Upon opening the bin, two large black refuse sacks were sitting there that wern't there the night before !!!
Upon opening one of the bags I was able to profile the culprit, whom has an un-toilet trained dependent, drinks diet 7up, AND shops in Tesco ??? You wouldn't mind as much if they at least made an effort to seperate their waste for recycling :rolleyes:
But seriously, do I have to put my bin out in the morning :confused:


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Happily not observed this happening to ourselves and hope it was just a one off for you.
If however it becomes a regular occurrence I suggest 2 courses of action.
1. Profile culprit more and pass along their name and address on to management company so they can send out a letter etc to refrain from doing this.
2. A more direct approach is remove the bags and leave these at their door I'm sure they'll get the message quickly and won't do it again.

Second option won't win you any friends but they're not exactly being a friendly neighbour either by dumping their rubbish in your bin :rolleyes: