Bin Areas

There was a thread in another forum re rubbish and residents highlighted the issue re the rubbish areas in Fernleigh.

As a resident living very close to a rubbish area that is abused (bags and various rubbish dumped there and not kept to bins) does anyone have any useful suggestions as to how this could be managed/ resolved?
It's vile isn't it? Really winds me up.
I am not sure what can be done. I email Wyse quite regularly about the general state of the place as quite honestly I don't feel the cleaning company actually do any cleaning that often. Latest I saw yesterday was a pool table someone had dumped at one of the bins.
At the last management meeting my husband suggested redelivering a notice to each of the properties in various languages reminding residents of the bin protocol. Surprise surprise nothing's been done.
Interested to hear your ideas though!
Ive moved into an apartment about 3 months ago and have not had an opportunity to go to a management meeting yet, but expect them to be very similar to others ive been to. Lots of talk no action. Given the relatively high fees we pay in comparison to other developments i think that the management company should pay more attention to this issue. Over the last few weeks the stench from the bin area in my block has been overwhelming cos people are too lazy to empty their own bins. I was on the point of donating the bin tags myself. Clearly some people are just mingers and i dont know what can be done about that:eek:
It is really frustating. Short of staging a vigil over the bin area and catching someone in the act, I'm also at a loss.
While the idea of leaflets is proactive, they'd probably end up thrown back out in the rubbish areas!
It's especially frustating when bags are left out for animals to chew through. I'll have a quick look through the other forums and see if anywhere else has any novel ideas
Glad am not the only one who is annoyed by it...was beginning to think I was a bit neurotic.
I think a big problem is that the cleaning contractors employed by Wyse do not do their job properly. I was out walking a few months ago and saw a guy dump a for sale sign at the bin area. I told him he couldn't just dump it at the bin, he looked at me like 'who is this cheeky upstart' and I repeated what I'd said..he told me that the estate agents would take it. Anyway suffice to say it was left at the bin area for around eight weeks. At this same bin area my husband saw two large rats scavenging for food so it is quite serious.

Maybe if a notice goes up saying that there is now CCTV camera in this area and that a fine will be put in place for the people dumping their rubbish. As it as came to the attention of management that a select few are dumping it. And that they are being watched.
See if that works it might the scare up them into not being such smelly, flithy people and that they might have some pride in themselves.

or otherwise they are just flithy people, and let them know that they are. maybe putting flyers in their door stating to the filthy people who are doing this. it may put some shame on them.

if this doesn't work, maybe get on to the council or neighbour or consumers rights they might have some better suggestions or at least be able to point you in the right direction. say that you are getting no help from managment and you are paying quite a lot for the fees and nothing is being done. its worth a try.

keep us updated on your progress
There was once a similar situation in a place I lived previously. People from the management company went through the Rubbish and got peoples address, the rubbish was then delivered back to them along with a letter stating that they had been reported for illegal fly tipping!! Itmanaged to reduce about 80% of the offences..