BER rating FYI


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Hi All,
Prospective buyer here- was looking at the few houses left in the estate- I was told that the houses were B1 and in some cases A3 energy rating hence my interest-the BER must have been done from the plans. Had a look at the show house and was impressed with the finish and then had a look at one of the houses half built for sale.
Im in the building profession and theres no way these houses are A3/B1 and I would reccommend if you are thinking of buying one that you get an independant BER assessor(Im not one BTW) to assess the energy rating of your house DURING(not beofre or after) construction and I would get a blow door test done before you hand over the money because I reckon these houses are not that energy efficient due to a lack of airtightness and poor detailing(ie. lots of cold bridges etc.), also I think the qualpex(plastic) heating pipes are a poor substitute for copper.
Anyway just for your own information.