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    More traffic for Riverwood

    Yeah, you could be right on that point. I wish they would put traffic calming measures on Luttrelstown Road - cars do extraordinary speeds along what is a very narrow Road, and with the usage of the playing fields across that road getting heavier and heavier and the people going to the church...
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    Nice Restaurants

    Shimla in Clonsilla village is one of the best Indian restauarnts/takeaways I've had this side of Mumbai or Birmingham. In fact, they have a sister restaurant in Birmingham (or maybe its Bradford) I think - which has to be a good sign. The guys who run/work in it are great too - excellent...
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    Restaurants in the area

    We too lived in Ranelagh for quite a while before buying in the area three years ago. Adjusting to the lack of amenities, like cafes and restaurants, in the area was the biggest thing for me - apart from maybe the traffic! But who can afford to buy a house in Ranelagh these days, huh...! I...
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    Problem with Hard Water

    Yep - its definitely hard... ...I just can't seem to get a good lather going in the shower like I have when I've lived in other places...! If your soap aint lathering it doesn't really feel like its cleaning properly, does it!?!
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    We have (as most Fernleigh residents probably still do) NTL as our cable digital tv providers. I have never been overly impressed with the service as it seems to go down quite a lot (although admittedly its been a lot better this year). I have been even less enamoured with their customer...
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    More traffic for Riverwood

    To be honest I don't think connecting the roads via the roundabout where the improvised 'car sales yard' is will impact on traffic through the general area any more than what it already is, as most traffic trying to avoid the rail line is already heading towards the bridge anyway. I think, if...
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    Yes, I did - and what a commotion it was! I got woken up at 3.32am (but it could have started before that) and it went on for, I think, another 15 minutes or so. Explosion after explosion after explosion. They seemed to be coming from somewhere inside Fernleigh (towards the Diswellstown Road...
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    Rubbish in the estate

    Stevo, That wouldn't happen to be off a balcony in the 100 Fernleigh Drive block (I think that's the number) - the block near the western entrance to the estate - by any chance? The bin area outside that block is consistently the worst blackspot I think. I can only say that I'm pleased I...
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    Train Timetable

    Dsleeper - thanks, I knew that it was a different line to that which passes through Connolly, but didn't realise that it became that different line BEFORE it got to Drumcondra. daymobrew - At the end of the day, to me its all about total journey time. I get up early enough and spend too much...
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    Train Timetable

    Docklands Station Does anybody know if Dublin Bus are planning on operating any services from the new Dockland's station - specifically into Dublin 2. I have asked the question of Dublin Bus a couple of times now, but without an informed reply. The new service will be great if you are...
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    Unwated Post!!

    If you put a simple cheap 'No Circulars' label above/on your mailslot/mailbox and then they continue to post them, you will be entitled to phone the managers of the offending companies and really have a go at them. I would be surprised if it continued after that...
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    I emailed Jane Cross (the Fernleigh/Annfield manager) at Wyse a couple of days ago, for about the fourth time since the residents' management meeting recently, about this ongoing problem. If anyone would like to join in the lobbying and report incidences to Jane when you see them, please do...
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    Bohemians Stadium

    It's an absolutely ridiculous proposition! - as if there aren't enough traffic issues in the area already...! Where exactly was it proposed for? - adjacent to the hotel (on the other side of Somerton Rd) is it?? Those roads are basically country lanes!
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    New Rail Station

    Thanks Drapper and Riverwood Man. I'll believe it when I see it! I'm sure this question has been asked and answered somewhere else in the forum... but, is that why the roadworks (speed humps?) on Riverwood Road are happening? - in preparation for work starting on the next phase of Woodbrook...
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    New Rail Station

    Does anyone know if Irish Rail are still putting in a new Maynooth line station under, or in the vicinity of, the Porterstown overbridge? I was told a couple of years ago that this was the plan... Cheers.