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    Bus transport

    With regard to the flyer dropped in on behalf of Aine Brady yesterday, it would be a welcome addition to get a bus and possibly nitelink running outside our estate. I hope that people will express an interest in this and that something comes to fruition
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    What is the policy on parking in our estate? My understanding is that there are 1.5 spaces per house. Where I'm located the layout is divided 3 spaces for every two houses. However one house with 3 cars is now parking in 3 spaces. The result of this is that my house and my next door neighbour...
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    Beware folks, there are mice on the prowl. Spotted one in my kitchen this morning...hope the trap I'm going to set does the trick!
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    Refuse collection

    Hi, How does the refuse collection work in our estate? I haven't received any bins yet. Do I have to contact Kildare Co Co?