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    can we have sky tv and upc broadband in the same apartment?

    I haveSkyconway €27 euro package I get 20mb broadband and a digital box from them with 150 channels . This works out much cheaper for me.
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    24mb Broadband

    I got a leaflet about broadband :) at last decent broadband. I rang them up and I can get 24Mb with 1.5Mb upload with no conntention and no download limits and no contract :) ..... ONLY €24.99 for exsisting Tv customers and option of unlimited telephone calls for €10/month. Beats what I have...
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    The Surround Sound Question

    I have my Sky Hd box connected to mine 5.1 panasonic system via an optical lead and the sound is great. Make sure you use an optical cable for best results. I used to have a upc box but they UPC but they do not broadcast Dolby Digital on any of their SD channels.
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    Sky Conway Broadband? any feedback?

    it is free install and no very happy i have got 23.2mb in speedtest
  5. J

    Sky Conway Broadband? any feedback?

    you will get 24mb for €24 from them :)
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    Just Got Tv and Broadband from Skyconway

    Hi all. I got my Spanish Television channels working and got 20mb broadband. I am really happy with my Tv i missed my TVE .And there is many other channels :) From Happy Jack
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    Additional TV Points

    I have skyconway's basic tv in the bedroom and they set it up so I can also watch my sky box in the bedroom. And there is no cables shown.
  8. J

    Television woes!

    No my tv is ok.... but i had the same problem when i got a new tv , something to do with region pal I it needs to be on. Hope this helps
  9. J

    sky channel 4

    am with Skyconway my channels on my Sky Hd box working ok ... ring sky
  10. J

    Breaking the Sky Con-way Monopoly

    Why dont you try the Skyconway Digital package costs nothing extra a month!
  11. J

    Can I get UPC?

    my friend live in northbank and he says that upc is there but they have no fibre in the area so he can not get broadband through them!
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    Sky out in Block D

    Call Skyconway they have no call out charge 04886763771
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    Can I get UPC?

    I dont work for them . I live in Castleforbes if you want private message me and i will tell you apt no. I have had them for a couple of years and found them to be much more help than SKY it is the personal touch I like and they dont charge anything extra for it. But make up your on mind seems...
  14. J

    Can I get UPC?

    No contract with skyconway no need for 12 month contracts
  15. J

    Can I get UPC?

    For broadband I recommend Skyconway they have 2 packages basic €5 and high €35. You can only get the €5 if you get the Sky package via them. Or there is a €15 Basic Tv and broadband with optional Hd upgrade. Skyconway 04886763771 or there is second sky system in place via Sky same price as...
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    Sky tv

    Simplydirect I rang them and there is no €5 charge for satellite signal but there is €5 charge for broadband or extended warranty if you wish but optional I was talking to Ann and she is sending me , this out in writting also :) prices are set by Sky for installation it depends on what promotion...
  17. J

    Sky tv

    I dont know where you got that information from , they do not charge any fee for satellite signal. If you get basic broadband it is €5 a month. The SkyHd box is free but the installation costs go up and down as this fee is not set by Skyconway but Sky themselves , the price will go up closer...
  18. J

    Which Broadband should I get?

    Not sure what you should do. I really think if you use the wireless systems they are unpredictable and will cost less than €35 but its your choice but I would rather have a fixed line it is much better quality so I suggest use skyconway as they dont have a 12 month contract which most other...
  19. J

    Which Broadband should I get?

    Sorry for the second post why dont you order Sky through skyconway as it will cost the same prices and avail of the €5 a month broadband , it will allow you do emails and view webpages, but for p2p or downloading large files you will need a bigger package.
  20. J

    Which Broadband should I get?

    No you can get skyconway broadband without Tv it costs €35 a month for 5Mb uncontended with no download limit. Most of the other suppliers are contended and have a cap , but it is really depends on what you use it for.