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    You couldn't make it up

    Some years back I decided to bail out of HW (I believe it's got better since) due to compromised quality of life due to anti-social behavior, not being able to use the Centra and rumour mongering from nearby DCC tenants (single bloke, in his 30's, 2+2=5 if you get my drift), meanwhile all the...
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    anti Social behaviour build quality etc

    Any knowledge of any prospective developments on that wasteground between Centra and IKEA?
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    anti Social behaviour build quality etc

    I think the further your're away from the Centra the better as those types of places are Ned and Scumbag magnets, there was a load of dross living opposite the shop as well. I'd say that 60 / 70% of the estate is ok though, it's just a matter of location, being lucky with your immediate...
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    anti Social behaviour build quality etc

    Hi, ASB used to be quite a regular topic on this forum yet a couple of posters have mentioned a marked decline in the last year or two. Still think this sort of stuff is worse in Lanesborough than HW.
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    Thinking of buying in Hampton Woods

    I'm an absentee landlord so don't know what the situation is on the ground so to speak, there has been a reduction in postings about anti-social behavior so that might be a good sign, I wouldn't class it as a 'no-area' and if your're coming and going with your car and not dependent on the 140...
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    Thinking of buying in Hampton Woods

    There was a load of scum living more or less opposite the store, don't know if they're still there, haven't been there for a while but convenience stores are magnets for scobes so I'd err on the side of caution.
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    So annoyed - anti-social behavior in Hampton Wood

    Have to agree with Dropsy and Qwerty, live near Centra and there are some right s**thouses living in and around there, think the only thing that will keep HW relatively liveable is the the fact that it's quite a new estate and it was mostly sold off pre-crash, can't look at any more...
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    3rd fire this week in building site

    can't see anything being built there ever, if that bit was properly walled or fenced off it wouldn't look like the kip it's turning into.
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    So annoyed - anti-social behavior in Hampton Wood

    I wouldn't mind these ''scumbag'' / ''scobie'' types so much if there was some political or social point to their behaviour, ie; target the bankers and fat cats in their leafy Southside abodes and give them some grief. Why vandalise your own area and harass ordinary working people? I think...
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    Hampton Wood - social housing

    Unfortunately HamptonWood23 has a point, I live near Centra and have encountered some right twats around there, you couldn't really pin point where these folk come from, maybe the Mun or further afield. Generally speaking there's worse places to live all things considered, someone like Aidan...
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    Car on fire

    Hi Dicette Hows it going, just described exactly the way things are going, it seems to be the case that this country is a grand place to live if you're looked after at the top end ( The Sean Fitzpatrick / Sean Dunne types ) or looked after at the bottom end, arse hanging out of a tracksuit...
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    Car on fire

    Don't know too much about the Balbutcher Lane area, there's seems to be a Ned element within HW, they're doing work on one of the units near to the Centra, if that turns out to be a chipper then the place is f'***ed.
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    Car on fire

    Definite vibe around here that the areas going downhill, there used to be a security guard who drove around in a van particularly around the Centra and kept this sort of thing at bay. HW looked like quite a nice place to live a couple of years back, don't intend to be here for the long haul now.
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    Bottle Banks / Clothes Skips

    Anyone know the location of any Bottle Banks or Charity Clothes Skips in the vicinity, these are quite handy, cant see any in the HW area. Would it be the management companies that you'd contact to have these put in somewhere?
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    Area next to Centra - Building Site

    Anyone got any ideas of what's going to be built to the right of the blocks where the new Centra is, just a big mound of earth at the moment, is it more appartments or is there going to be a new centre put there with shops,restaurants etc?
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    New Shops in Hampton Wood Road

    anyone in the know about the new shops proposed for Hampton Wood Road ? I know one's going to be a Centra,