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  1. J

    24mb Broadband

    I got a leaflet about broadband :) at last decent broadband. I rang them up and I can get 24Mb with 1.5Mb upload with no conntention and no download limits and no contract :) ..... ONLY €24.99 for exsisting Tv customers and option of unlimited telephone calls for €10/month. Beats what I have...
  2. J

    Just Got Tv and Broadband from Skyconway

    Hi all. I got my Spanish Television channels working and got 20mb broadband. I am really happy with my Tv i missed my TVE .And there is many other channels :) From Happy Jack
  3. J

    My SkyConway Broadband tests are very fast

    I was just wondering has anyone done speed tests on their SkyConway broadband , am on highspeed and am getting 5Mb+ all the time , I have not paid anything extra so am very happy :) but was checking if everyone else is in the same boat?